Stone Nudes Arouse Interest In Rock Climbing

I’m absolutely convinced that one can make absolutely anything into an “extreme sports craze” and someone will buy into it. This time, we take an ordinary outdoor activity that’s already somewhat dangerous to begin with, like rock climbing, remove the safety equipment — hell, remove all the clothing while we’re at it — and we have “Stone Nudes”, the brainchild of a California rock climber.

naked rock climber

According to the UK’s DAILY MAIL (NSFW due to photos), climber and photographer Dean Fidelman has been taking photos of the climbers, and is now selling them in a 2009 calendar on his website (again, NSFW).

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Maria Sharapova Crotch Shot Photos By Ad Executive Lead To Firing

HELPING ISIAH, DOLAN TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN: Normally, a sex harassment case involving some anonymous ad exec drone wouldn’t garner much of our interest. But when the case involves crotch shots of Maria Sharapova, we’re all in.

Maria Sharapova Upskirt Photo

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has details on an employee of the Dentsu ad agency who claims he was fired when he refused to participate in company outings to brothels and other sexual escapades.

More interestingly is that said employee revealed in the court proceedings that the CEO of the agency, Toyo Shigetaduring a photo shoot for an advertisement for Canon in Key Biscayne, Florida … took a picture of tennis star Maria Sharapova on the tennis court and proudly distributed the ‘crotch shot’.

Maria Sharapova

Bless his heart, Shigeta is also accused by the *harassed* employee of having an unnatural obsession about snapping the lady-gardens of healthy young women on other company outings.

So Shigeta is responsible for sending his employees to brothels and focusing on upskirt piccies of attractive females? If he’s ousted over the flap, we have an early bead on his next address of employ:

Madison Square Garden

More on the lawsuit from THE SMOKING GUN.