Writer Falls For Obvious “NBA Tattoo Cap” Hoax

Maybe you caught this week’s cover story in the PHOENIX NEW TIMES, a 5000-word screed on the culture of tattoos in the NBA. It’s a pretty standard piece, until you get to the part where David Stern talks about the proposed “tattoo cap,” which would force teams to limit their upper arm and neck tattoos to 61 percent for the roster as a whole. Pretty groundbreaking stuff, right? It raises all kinds of issues of marketing, personal responsibility, thug culture, racism and individual freedom. And you’d think the player’s union would have thrown a fit. Here’s the problem: none of it is true.

Robert Swift Sonics tattoos

All right, maybe we shouldn’t be going to an alt-weekly for our sports coverage. But the alt-weekly really shouldn’t have their former music editor on this story, if she’s going to take message board posts as gospel. Because that’s pretty much what happened here.

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