Philly Reacts To Vick: Um, They’re Not Real Happy

Michael Vick was “presented” to Philadelphia fans at an Eagles press conference earlier today, as if there was any man in America right now less in need of an introduction. And I hope that Andy Reid didn’t try to open with a joke. “Hey, your momma’s so fat, when she stepped on the dog’s tail we had to change it’s name to Beaver. Thanks everybody! Enjoy the Snausages!” Nah, this is no laughing matter.

How are Eagles fans taking this? To paraphrase the great W.C. Fields, on the whole they would rather he not be in Philadelphia. Vick addressed the masses and hit all the right notes, said all the right things. But that changes nothing. While media types are more or less split on his arrival in the Rebel Capital, Joe Twelve-Pack is not having any of it. Eagles fans, and the local folks in general, are, as they say, royally pissed.

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