Braves Minor League Manager Melts Down. Again.

Who says there’s no such thing as organizational personality. Following in the footsteps of Bobby Cox’s ML record 145 ejections, Braves minor league coaches seem to be upholding a tradition of epic manager meltdowns. Thursday, it was Class-A Rome (Ga.) Braves manager Randy Ingle showing you don’t need to be insane to argue a call, but it helps.

Randy Ingle

The scene - a tie ball game in the top of the 10th inning, when a Braves batter hits what appears to be a home run down the left field line. While the batter rounds the bases and the team celebrates, home plate umpire Erik Hill rules the ball foul. After the jump, we break down the video of Ingle’s tirade, and rate it on the usual scale of ten Piniellas.
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Girardi Tossed After Tirade - We’ve Seen Better

Apparently trying to stoke some fire into the Yankees’ extinguished season, Joe Girardi got a little argumentative with the umpire Thursday night - and got himself a little thrown out.

Let’s go to the tape:

Our analysis? We’ve seen better baseball blow-ups. Observe:

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Minor League Manager in Major-League Meltdown

MINOR LEAGUE MANAGER MAKES MEMORABLE MELTDOWN: Just as Joe Milulik warmed our hearts last season, another minor league baseball manager has given us yet another melodramatic meltdown:

Phillip Wellman, manager of the Double-A Mississippi Braves, went on the warpath during a game against the Chattanooga Lookouts (a team with one of the coolest logos in sports).

Phillip Wellman Lookouts

First, Wellman throws his hat right at the ump. After a face-to-face argument, Wellman walks over, bends down and proceeds to completely cover home plate with dirt.

Mississippi Braves manager tirade

He then trots over to third base, pulls the base up, walks calmly to second, and flings third into the outfield.But the highlight of the night is when Wellman crawls to the pitching mound, picks up the rosin bag, and lobs it at the umpire like a hand grenade. The bag explodes in front of the ump’s feet.

M-Braves manager tirade

All the while, the stadium PA is playing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Obviously, Wellman didn’t take Al’s advice.