Finkelstein Lawyer: ‘They Chained Her Like A Dog’

Susan Finkelstein: Victim of circumstance, or the devil? Bensalem, Pa., cops said she flaunted her feminine wares to procure World Series tickets. Finkelstein says she was “just flirting,” with an undercover policeman, and had no plan to offer sex for tickets. Baseball fans are lining up for and against her (a SPORTSBYBROOKS poll ran overwhelmingly on the side of letting her go without charges).

Susan Finkelstein

Finkelstein is now speaking out, telling CBS NEWS that she was upset with what she felt was the arresting officers’ cavalier attitude. “They arrested me; put me in the back of the squad car. In my opinion they seemed amused by the whole thing,” she said today. Her lawyer, William Brennan, says that arresting officers “chained her to a table like a dog.”

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Female Phillies Fan Advertises Sex For WS Tickets

So I suppose it wasn’t a question of if this was happening, only when. A woman was arrested today for offering sex for World Series tickets on Craigslist. Susan Finkelstein, 43, of the 900 block of St. Bernards Street, had made the offer by phone to an undercover police officer who responded to the ad.

Let’s see, without seeing her body, that’s an upper deck, row 27, seats 14 and 15 date. And she pays for her own food. But what kind of person would take her up on an offer like that, anyway?

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