Fulmer Finally Rips Into Kiffin: ‘Arrogant Attitude’

The man who Lane Kiffin replaced at Tennessee, Phil Fulmer, finally let loose with some criticism of the now-USC coach on CBS on Saturday:

Phil Fulmer

Tennessee is a very proud program as we all know with great traditions and the people of Tennessee felt betrayed to be honest with you. They were embarrassed, felt jilted with all the cost of the change there was. Kiffin, he left Tennessee with basically his hat in his hand and a bunch of NCAA compliance questions.

Many in our community are glad that he is gone. He never really embraced the traditions, the values of the program or the community for that matter. And often his arrogant attitude turned people off. The bigger question in my opinion is how does a guy like this end up with two jobs with historic football teams like Tennessee and USC.”

I wonder if the people who deal with Nick Saban inside the Alabama program think he’s arrogant? Or the people inside the UT program when Fulmer was there? (Yes and yes.)

Saban’s circumstances in leaving the Dolphins were every bit as indelicate as Kiffin’s in Knoxville, but I don’t hear anyone complaining in Tuscaloosa about Saban’s attitude. If there is any talk about it, it’s Alabama fans celebrating Saban’s gruff, intolerant nature.

Winning will do that.

Fulmer’s revisionist criticism, even if there is an underlying truth to it, is laughably hypocritical. If Kiffin had won at Tennessee he could’ve replace Smokey with the Taco Bell chihuahua and no one would’ve cared.

Fulmer also commented on the so-called new era of high-profile, mercenary coaches: Read more…

Iowa Radio Guy: Fulmer Interested In Cyclones Job

One of college football’s preeminent blogs, THE WIZ OF ODDS, digs up the weirdest coaching rumor to come out in awhile - courtesty from KXNO-AM’s Larry Cotlar in Des Moines.

Philip Fulmer Iowa Chops Baby Backs Cheerleaders

(Bonus: All The Iowa Baby Backs lardass Fulmer Can Handle)

Cotlar claims he heard from a reliable source that recently ousted Tennessee football coach Philip Fulmer is interested in the now-vacant coaching position at Iowa State.

I received a very interesting phone call yesterday. On the line was someone I respect and trust telling me something that I found very intriguing. He told me that he had spoken with former University of Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer and that Fulmer had indicated an interest in the Iowa State coaching vacancy.

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It All Can’t End Quickly Enough For Philip Fulmer

You know, there might be something to be said for college football coaches getting out of Dodge right away after “deciding” not to come back next year. Saturday was not kind to the lame duck coach, especially poor Phil Fulmer, who is fading off into the sunset in shockingly dismal fashion.

Philip Fulmer

(Don’t worry, Phil, it’s almost over)

Remember when Tennessee’s loss to UCLA in the season opener was considered an upset? The Vols somehow managed to sink to a new low this week, while Washington is still 0-for-the-season and Kansas State lost their fourth in a row. But it’s Tennessee’s loss that is sending shockwaves through the college football world.

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Report: Fulmer To Step Down As Tennessee Coach

Chris Low over at ESPN.com reports that Phil Fulmer will step down as Tennessee football coach at the end of the season.

SbB Girl Alex 50-yard Line UCLA Tennessee Game

(SbB Girl Alex at UT-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl)

Phillip Fulmer, who a decade ago brought Tennessee its first national championship in 47 years, will not return as the Volunteers’ coach next year, multiple sources told ESPN.com.

An announcement is being planned for later Monday at Neyland Stadium. Fulmer, who has won 150 games at his alma mater and is the dean of SEC coaches, met with Tennessee officials Monday morning, and they reached a mutual agreement that it would be best for all parties if Fulmer did not return next season.

The sides also agreed that Fulmer would coach the remainder of the 2008 season.

Can’t say that I’m surprised, after what I saw in person earlier this year. Read more…

Radio Host Bitch-Slaps Bloviating Gasbag Fulmer

Dan Le Batard spent the first hour of his radio show today on Miami’s 790 The Ticket complaining on-air to his staff about their booking Tennessee football coach Phil Fulmer as a guest. The Vols are playing Florida this Saturday, and apparently Le Batard’s guest booker, Mike Ryan, thought it a good idea to bring Fulmer onto the show.

Philip Fulmer Gasbag Extraordinaire

Having done sports radio myself for 16 years, I’ve endure my share of interviews with insufferable, bloviating gasbags. And Fulmer is certainly one of those - which is what Le Batard bemoaned before Fulmer came on the air.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard a radio host cry on-air about having to interview a lame guest, but usually once the visit commences, the same host goes into fullblown ass-kiss mode. But to his credit, Le Batard didn’t. In fact, he essentially bitch-slapped Fulmer once the well-fed coach came on the air. Read more…

Brog: Booze-Soaked Smokey Fans Witness Choke

I’m still in recovery mode from the UCLA-Tennessee game yesterday. Between the broiling temps before and during the game, the pregame and stadium-smuggled booze, and the four-hour game itself, I was positively toast late last night. As it should be.

SbB Girl Alex UCLA Game Dumb and Dumber Guys

(SbB Girl Alex with Tennessee Defensive Coaching Staff)

The highlight of the game for me was actually having 50-yard line seats (21st row) for the first time in my life, something for which I can thank My Boy Barry:

SbB Girl Alex 50-yard Line UCLA Tennessee Game

(50-yard line seats? By now you prob know the reason why)

Those seats had me squarely inside a blue-veined artery of the UCLA alum section, so I’m happy to report that I wasn’t bothered by undo noise or impaired sight lines, at least until the Bruins’ late-game comeback.

Brooks at UCLA-Tennesse Game At The Rose Bowl

(Only thing more overexposed than this pic? The Vols’ secondary)

The thing that most struck me about the game was the lack of adjusts made by the UT defensive coaching staff in the second half. It was clear what Norm Chow’s strategy was with Kevin Craft after his diarrhea-inducing first half performance: throw nothing but quick, short passes.

In the final two quarters, I don’t think Kraft looked off his primary intended receiver once. So with that the case, why didn’t the Vols defensive backs and linebackers start to jump the routes? (Think the CHiPs on Labor Day weekend.)

As an alumnus of the Univ. of Georgia, I’d like to issue an enthusiastic salute to those Knoxvillians who saw fit to give Phil Fulmer a seven-year contract extension last July. Now I’ll know just who to call about getting those elusive Sunday, late-December Chik-Fil-A sandwiches.

My biggest disappointment at the Rose Bowl last night?

How could the Vols not bring the real Smokey? At least I didn’t see him at the game last night.

Smokey The Mascot

No wonder he can afford to hire a stand in!

Tennessee inflatable mascot

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Philip Fulmer Served Subpoena At SEC Media Days

When Philip Fulmer showed up in Birmingham for the SEC media days, he wasn’t expecting a warm welcome from the Alabama faithful. But there also was something else he wasn’t expecting to receive - a subpoena.

Phil Fulmer guitar

The ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION reports that the Tennessee football coach was served the document when he arrived at his hotel Thursday morning. The subpoena is from Alabama booster Wendell Smith, who’s suing the NCAA over their investigations of the Tide’s football program.

Originally, Fulmer denied receiving such paperwork. But later in the day, he did say he received something, but wasn’t in the mood to discuss it:

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Someone In Tennessee Is Having Trouble ‘Quitting

Britton Colquitt, fourth in the line of FFOTVP (First Family of Tennessee Volunteer Punters), won’t be kicking in the first five games of 2008 and will have to pay for school out of his own pocket after getting popped for DUI when he hit a parked car over the weekend.

Britton Colquitt

THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports the news, and more interestingly notes that this is far from Colquitt’s first incident — in fact, you can safely say this is a pattern, as the punter was suspended by coach Philip Fulmer in 2004 for “four alcohol related incident[s] in a six-month span,” including three underage drinking citations in 12 days.

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Photo: Mark Mangino & Phil Fulmer Sumo Wrestling

MANGINO & FULMER PROVE TO BE TONS OF FUN FOR BCS: EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY gets heavy handed, as they throw their weight into the college postseason picture:

Mark Mangino Phil Fulmer sumo

That’s our own Mark Mangino grappling with Phil Fulmer over the final BCS bowl slot, while Charlie Weis and Ralph Friedgen can only sit in the background and observe what might have been.And Bill Parcells looks like he wants to get his money’s worth for those pricey courtside seats.