Bill Cowher Leaving CBS To Coach The Browns?

Cleveland Browns GM Phil Savage is having himself quite a week, and his profane email outburst may be the least of his worries. If coach Romeo Crennel is shown the door after this season, there’s a good chance Savage will follow him if Crennel’s replacement is who it’s rumored to be:

Bill Cowher throw

Bill Cowher has been sitting around laughing at bad jokes for two years now in the “NFL Today” studio, which means it’s probably just about time to cut loose from Marino and Esiason and get back on the field, even if it is for the Browns, the hated rival of his former Steelers. I’m sure the people in Pittsburgh would take this very well.

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Text Messaging Saves Kellen Winslow $1,235,294

Kellen Winslow, a study in contradictions. Soldier? Sorry about being a soldier. Valuable addition to the team? Rad biker dude. Swollen testicles? Staph infection. Suspended? Unsuspended.

Kellen Winslow

(Late night text messages can often lead to certain infections.)

The curious case of Kellen Winslow got curiouser this weekend, as the Browns rescinded his one-game suspension, according to the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER. In a classic case of your mom punishing you after your dad told you you could stay up late watching Cinemax instead of doing your homework, it seems the Browns had suspended Winslow for his cryptic comments regarding the organization’s handling of his condition, but only after someone from the team’s PR department had texted Winslow telling him to keep his mouth shut.

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