Ana Ivanovic Getting In Shape For Her New Beau

• Nice to see Ana Ivanovic giving herself a good workout Down Under.

Ana Ivanovic Photo Workout Bra

• Just like an Iraqi journalist, Chris Webber takes aim at Charles Barkley by chucking a shoe at Chuck.

• With no chance at an NFL career, a former Iowa State RB sadly decides to jump to his death.

• What pumps you up for gametime? For 49er defensive standout Patrick Willis, it’s cold baths & Phil Collins.

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49er Patrick Willis Likes Cold Baths & Phil Collins

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis is a pretty good football player. We know this because even though he plays on a team that never makes an appearance on national television these days, and has won only 10 games in the last two seasons, Willis was named the Defensive Rookie of the Year last season, and was chosen for his second Pro Bowl in as many seasons earlier this week. If he were playing for the New York Giants or Dallas Cowboys, he would probably be talked about in the media as the next Ray Lewis.

Patrick Willis

So Patrick has been good enough at football in his first two seasons to start causing people to wonder what it is that he does before a game to get himself ready to dominate. After all, a lot of professional athletes have odd superstitions that they follow before every game. Patrick is no different, though I’m pretty sure he’s the only player in the NFL willing to admit that Phil Collins is a must-listen before each contest.

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