Please, Don’t Ask Michael Phelps to Tell The Truth

Michael Phelps‘ handlers might need to brush up on their avoid-entertaining-interviews technique after allowing their client to go on Dan Le Batard’s radio show on 790 The Ticket in Miami today.

Michael Phelps Playboy Club Crackers

(Mike Phelps likes his Club Crackers @ The Playboy Club)

Yes, it really was too easy for Le Batard, when he asked Phelps the question, “What is the single coolest thing to happen to you since the Olympic Games?”

Phelps replied that the his biggest thrill since Beijing was setting up a charity through one of his sponsors, Kellogg’s. And in a stunning coincidence, Phelps was only doing the interview to promote his appearance on the boxes of various Kellogg’s food products.

So knowing Le Batard as you now know him, things next got interesting. Read more…