Lie? Phelps Didn’t Dump Topless Asian Girlfriend

Three weeks ago Michael Phelps appeared on Regis & Kelly to do the only thing he does these days, flog dishwashers and motor oil.

Michael Phelps Asian Huge-Boobed Woman

(Should we also believe Phelps doesn’t know Paparazzi’s  supposed (im)plant?)

During the interview, Phelps said that the paparazzi had recently planted a monster-boobed Asian woman next to him at the airport because she looked like his Asian topless model girlfriend, Caz Pal.

Michael Phelps Loves Girls With Monster Back Tattoos

(Ladies: Wanna attract socially-crippled Olympians? Back tattoo is the ticket!)

But while describing the scenario, Phelps told Kelly Ripa that he didn’t have a girlfriend. In other words, he’d split from Pal.

All I can say is I’m glad polygraph isn’t part of Olympic testing procedures. Read more…