Photo: Dustin Johnson Clearly Hit Out Of Bunker

Here’s a photo of the bunker Dustin Johnson hit out of on 18th hole at the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin yesterday:

Photo of bunker Dustin Johnson hit out of on Sunday at 18

(If it quacks like a bunker …)

Yes, the crowd covered the lip of the bunker for that shot but he was clearly standing in what was defined as a bunker in the USGA rule book and local rules. (Of course, Johnson yesterday didn’t have the luxury of that perspective.)

It was that bunker where Johnson grounded his club, effectively costing himself up to $1,079,167. After the golfer was penalized two strokes for his unfortunate action, Johnson was eliminated from a three-way playoff that led to Martin Kaymer claiming the Wanamaker Trophy. 

Kaymer’s haul: $1.35 million. Johnson? $270,833.

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Online Bookie Pays Over A Million On Tiger…Oops

OK, all of you degenerate dedicated online wagerers out there need to help me out on this one. Paddy Power, the largest bookmaker in Ireland, jumped the gun on the PGA Championship and paid out approximately £1.2 million to its online bettors with Tiger Woods holding a four-strike lead, before the third round even began. Um … oops?

The wacky betting house didn’t even ask for the money back when Y.E. Yang ended up winning the event; it just went ahead and paid out additional toppins, or shillings, or whatever it is they use for money over there. So, knowing that the house doesn’t do anything without a mathematical advantage or angle of some sort, what’s going on here? It’s like Santa Anita paying your ticket before the horses finish the race. Or is it?

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Speed Read: Floyd’s Follies Continue to Roil USC

Tim Floyd, USC’s men’s basketball coach for the moment (and this after almost becoming a leader of Wildcats), allegedly paid a handler a thousand dollars in cash to be delivered to O.J. Mayo in a successful attempt to encourage the young point guard to follow through on joining USC for a season after signing his letter of intent.  (No, the handler wasn’t Li’l Romeo.  Good guess, though.)

O.J. Mayo Tim Floyd

Everyone from the handler to Floyd to USC could be in varying levels of trouble if true.  Therefore, absolutely no one except YAHOO! SPORTS’ source will speak on the record.   Their investigative journalism has been hit and miss, though their commitment to providing original reporting has not wavered.

It’s unclear how seriously the reporting from the site with the silly name can be taken, though, as they clearly do not have fake conversations where they hype their stories around a ridiculously small table while being filmed in black-and-white.  It’s not really journalism if it’s colorized.

E60 from ESPN


From one stereotypically smoky back room to another, Delaware’s legislature has passed a law permitting sports betting in a desperate attempt to fill a gaping $600 million maw in the state budget.  The governor has promised his signature on the bill once the state Supreme Court has spoken to the state constitutionality of the bill.

Delaware is one of only four states with a legal exemption to a 1992 federal law banning sports gambling and the only one east of the Mississippi.  State lawmakers have high hopes of becoming a gambling mecca for sports enthusiasts; one called the opportunity “an unbelievable cash cow”.  Again, it’s unclear how true this can be if no one will be allowed to gamble on the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

Wilmington Blue Rocks - Rocky Bluewinkle

(The only thing you can tease here is the moose, sir)

Finally, from one set of rocks to another, Boston came back to defeat the Orlando Magic 92-88 last night to take a 3-2 series lead in a highly predictable collapse from the team in blue that has only one mode: jack the three up and cross your fingers.

Magic against Celtics

Houston also got a condescending pat on the head for their Game 4 effort without Yao Ming before being penetrated 118-78 by the Lakers and falling behind 3-2 in their series. The Rockets now only have one reliable position: fetal.

Phil Mickelson and wife

(”… so that’s winning!  Interesting.”)

On the other hand, three fine NHL Game 7s have now been scheduled after wins by Anaheim and Boston last night.  Detroit never found its offense despite approximately 40392109 minutes on the power play while Carolina’s Cam Ward couldn’t quite figure out what all that goalie equipment should be used for. One possibility: handing off $1,000 in cash to the next O.J. Mayo?

Anaheim Ducks

And now a hail of bullet points discovered behind the olive loaf sandwich in the break room fridge; you know, the fridge that sent half your office to the hospital

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Tiger Says His Swinging Days Are Done This Year

If Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia and all other comers needed more motivation to take advantage of Tiger Woods‘ absence from the PGA Tour, the world’s best golfer has announced that he won’t start swinging a golf club until next year.

Tiger's jacked

To date, only Padraig Harrington has made the most of a Tiger-less tour, winning both the British Open and the PGA Championship. With the majors in the books for 2008, that leaves the FedEx Cup and possibly some early-season events on the ‘09 calendar, but history suggests nothing will change, including the constant bellyaching about how staid the Tour has become without Woods.

Meanwhile, Tiger admits that he’s gained back some mobility, but he’s still got a long way to go; currently, he wouldn’t win a foot race against his 13-month-old daughter, Sam.

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Harrington And His Huge Blarney Stones Win PGA

When Tiger Woods announced that he was having major knee surgery and would miss the remainder of the season, pretty much everyone assumed one of two things: Woods’ absence would open things up either for a crop of new players to get their first majors, or that a “name” player like Phil Mickelson or Vijay Singh would pounce on the chance to win with Tiger out.  What no one expected was Padraig Harrington becoming a stone cold killer.

Padraig Harrington at the 2008 PGA Championships

Harrington took the PGA Championship by two strokes on Sunday, breaking Sergio Garcia’s heart the same way he did to Greg Norman at the British Open earlier in the year in the process. This time, it was two clutch putts to close things out: a birdie on 17 and then a knee-knocking par save on 18 to put him clear of the field and wrap up the tournament.

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