Odom Proposed To ‘Starlet’ Days Before Khloe?

Just as I’d weaned myself off the made-for-TV fake marriage of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, I heard something that had me tapping my mainline again.

Lamar Odom Taraji Henson

(Did Odom propose to this woman weeks before marrying Khloe?)

If you’ve driven around Los Angeles the past few years, you’ve probably seen billboards for the “Petros and Money Show“, a popular sports radio show on KLAC-AM and syndicated nationally on Fox Sports Radio. Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith have also filled in many times on Jim Rome’s national radio show and appeared on Rome’s ESPN-TV Show Rome Is Burning.

Smith is also a former Lakers radio host. Over the past four years, he hosted all of the Lakers pregame and postgame shows, did some play-by-play of the games and occasionally traveled with the team.

Needless to say, he’s been very close to the Lakers organization during that time, so I take very seriously the bombshell Smith dropped on his radio show yesterday about Lamar Odom. Read more…

What’s Really Behind Bush Hate For USC TV Guy

If you still think Twitter hasn’t changed sports media dramatically, the train has officially left without you. Witness Reggie Bush during the USC-San Jose State telecast yesterday on Fox Sports West TV:

Reggie Bush Tweet

(It’s time to play The Feud, Trojan fans!)

Most of you are probably like Larry Fitzgerald on this, so if you don’t who Papadakis is and/or why Bush would say such an inflammatory thing about a fellow former Trojan, I can help. (I assure you there’s much more to this story than what happened yesterday.)

First, what exactly did Papadakis say during the USC-San Jose State telecast that made Bush upset enough to Tweet his disdain for the former USC football captain to his 230,000 Twitter followers?

Transcript after the jump. Read more…

Fox Radio Host: Glazer #4 Source Was Jared Allen

Whatta 48 hours for Fox Sports football reporter Jay Glazer!

Is Jared Allen Jay Glazer's stoolie in the Vikings Lockerroom?

(Fox Radio host: ‘Deaf, dumb, blind person knows Glazer source is Vikes’ Allen’)

Tuesday, he broke the news that a certain SbB-embargoed QB would sign with the Vikings. Later that day, Michael Strahan announced on Fox Sports Radio that Glazer will be his presenter at his future Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony. Wednesday, Glazer went on Miami sports radio and said he was so upset at ESPN for marginalizing his breaking stories that he was ready to throw hands with his competitors in Bristol.

That brings us to today, and I’ve got yet another wrinkle to Glazer’s reportage on #4.

Was Jared Allen Jay Glazer’s source on Vikings’ Favre Signing?

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Earlier this week, I was listening to one of my favorite shows on radio, hosted by Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith on Fox Sports Radio here in L.A.. Like all other sports radio hosts this week, the duo was burdened with once again having to pick at the rotting Favre-to-the-Upper-Midwest carcass. But during their analysis, Papadakis steered the topic off the well-worn road and presented a more intriguing question: Who was the Vikings’ lockerroom snitch who sold out Favre’s sign to Glazer? Read more…

Speed Read: Rising NHLer KO’d By Evil Golf Cart

Validating those of you out there who think the Ryder Cup is more dangerous than the NHL, it was reported on Tuesday night that St. Louis Blues defenseman Erik Johnson suffered what appears to be a season ending knee injury while golfing last week. The 20-year-old Johnson, one of the bright young defensive stars in the NHL, tore his ACL and MCL when his leg got caught between the gas pedal and brake pedal on his golf cart.  If I was Johnson, I probably would’ve  tried to pull a modified Monta Ellis and lie about it, and at least say I was wrestling a wild boar or something.

golf cart crash

And while we’re on the topic, the Yankees are going to have plenty of time for golf next week as they were finally put out of their misery last night when the Red Sox beat the Indians 5-4. The defending champs held the standard champagne-spewing party afterward, but likely did so as the wild card team. But hey, any celebration featuring Jonathan Papelbon acting like a tool is worthy in my book:

Jonathan Papelbon

The Yanks are missing the postseason for the first time since 1993. Hank Steinbrenner blames “socialist” revenue sharing. And the “divisional setup” for allowing inferior teams to attain playoff spots. Never mind that the last Yankee championship team won only 87 regular-season games.

Beneficiaries of much revenue sharing, the Rays lowered their magic number to two with a doubleheader sweep of the officially hapless Orioles. It was the first DH sweep in franchise history. Prince Fielder’s walk-off homer gave the Brewers a win and kept them within one game of the Mets, who beat the Cubs. The Mets, meanwhile, have decided that Omar Minaya is deserving of a four-year extension.

The Phillies phell and now lead the division by just a game and a half. The Dodgers bashed San Diego while the D-Backs were stymied in St. Louis, putting L.A.’s magic number at three. The Twins spanked the White Sox to pull within a game and a half in the AL Central.

And finally, your Lane Watch 2008 update: still employed. But don’t expect Petros Papadakis to be happy about that.

  • What’s the big secret to the 49ers’ 2-1 start? It might be this thing:

the glove

The creatively-named “Glove” is a newfangled contraption that is reportedly “billed as better than steroids without any ill effects.” It pulls blood into your palm and cools it down or something, I think. Whatever, this article from the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE should tell you all you need to know.

  • Q: Do you, Mr. Arenas, take this woman as your wife?  A: Hibachi! (thank you WASHINGTON POST)
  • Star USC cornerback Shareece Wright is out for up to six weeks, leaving the Trojans with just 37 future first-round draft picks when they invade Corvallis, Oregon on Thursday.

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Speed Read to give you this week’s installment of Ridiculous CFL Touchdown Celebrations (thanks to LARRY BROWN SPORTS for the tip):

Oddly, this isn’t even the worst CFL celebration this month.

  • The DETROIT NEWS’ Terry Foster is told that Jon Kitna is not the Lions’ biggest problem — by Jon Kitna.

Let’s lay some blame:

Who is most responsible for the Yankees missing the playoffs this year?

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Blog-O-Rama: Hewitt’s Sister Flexes Her Muscles

• DEADSPIN tries to muscle in on Lleyton Hewitt’s hardbody sister.

Lleyton Hewitt's sister

Just don’t try that posing at the Gold’s Gym in Provo.

• AZ SPORTS HUB gets the good word from Anquan Boldin, who’s nice enough to record a personal voice mail.

• 100% INJURY RATE needs to cool down, as they get funky with this fat Flyers fan.

• In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., THE WORLD OF ISAAC offers up these memorable sports speeches.

Martin Luther King Jr.

• DAWG SPORTS barks up what the pigskin coaches had to say at the latest NCAA convention.

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