Arenas: NY Post Story Is Wrong, May File Lawsuit

WASHINGTON POST Wizards beat writer Micheal Lee caught up to Gilbert Arenas today and asked him about Peter Vecsey’s claim in the NEW YORK POST today that he drew a gun on Javaris Crittenton over a gambling debt. Lee Tweets:

Gilbert Arenas Denies NY Post Story About Gun Confrontation

I grabbed Arenas after practice. He told me he is considering filing a lawsuit against the NY Post. “That’s not the real story,” he said.

Arenas: “I saw the story. Very compelling. Some real O.K. corral stuff.”

I posted earlier today that Vecsey’s story about the incident seemed to be based solely on a single Crittenton acquaintance. That doesn’t make it wrong, but Arenas obviously is now disputing Crittenton’s friend’s claim.

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SbB@3: It’s Time To Introduce The Vecsey Award

In a tradition as old as this post itself, it’s time to hand out another prestigious Vecsey Award. The Vecsey, named after NEW YORK POST columnist and noted shmendrik Peter Vecsey, is bestowed upon those who have managed to offend the senses in astounding and complete fashion with the written word.

Vecsey Award

We’re not referring to bad writers, necessarily — a Vecsey winner could actually be very talented. But when he or she makes a monumentally bad judgment in subject matter or execution, we will be there, with this award in hand. Well, on with the show. Today’s winner is … Read more…

Peter Vecsey Gets MJ to Walk Out of Hall of Fame

In case you haven’t heard, Nike’s at it again, reappropriating 9/11 for their own crass commercial purposes as Michael Jordan gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. Wait, I’m sorry, we’re told that is a wildly untrue statement and that Nike had nothing to do with the date of induction. We regret the error. Anyway, MJ is being inducted today; presumably, the day belongs to him.

Michael Jordan HOF

But while Jordan grabs the headlines, there are other people being inducted today, most notably John Stockton and David Robinson, two titans of the era in their own right. And while their inductions are generally of the off-without-a-hitch variety, there’s also Peter Vecsey, a NEW YORK POST reporter who’s being inducted for lord knows why. And that’s the real highlight here, folks, because by all accounts, last night, he delivered the worst induction speech of all time.

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