Fox News: EA NBA Game With Obama ‘bipartisan’?

FOX News reported recently on a new EA Sports NBA video game that will also feature “unlockable” famous politicians competing on the court.

Sarah Palin, Barack Obama in NBA Jam from EA Sports

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are among the politicos included in the game, which EA Sports President Peter Moore addressed during a FOX News segment.

FOX News Host Jenna Lee: “Is this a bipartisan game, though, Peter, because I read that the president has some special skills; do any of the Republicans have any special skills?
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EA Sports Will Not Change The Madden 09 Cover

While most people spent their morning trying to figure out what the Brett Favre trade to the Jets will mean for both teams, there are also quite a lot of people wondering about something far more important. You see, we’re only a few short days away from the release of EA Sports’ latest incarnation of the Madden football game. You may have heard about who EA has chosen to adorn the cover of this year’s version of the game, Brett Favre.

Madden Cover

So when the Favre trade was announced this morning, it sent gamers with too much time on their hands into a tizzy. What are they going to do about the Madden cover!? Brett’s wearing a Packers uniform, but he’s a Jet now! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

Well everybody can relax, because before the trade even went down EA Sports President Peter Moore already made it clear on his blog:

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