Pete Rose Still Cherishing Those Last Few Hairs

The scene plays out nearly everywhere: A man in his 50s or 60s tries to ward off the cold, unrelenting grasp of age by doing everything he can to hang onto to those last few remaining hairs on his head. Sometimes, that means the hilarious comb-over. Other times, it’s the toupee that gets the call. Still others resort to that creepy spray-on hair. Pete Rose, meanwhile, has gone an entirely different route: Paying a high-priced stylist to manage the few hairs he has left.

Pete Rose

From the LA TIMES comes an amusing first-hand anecdote of one of the more unique celebrity sightings in recent memory: Pete Rose at AMP Salon at the Palms. The salon, owned and operated by celebrity stylist Michael Boychuck, is a hub for celebrities in Vegas. Of course, most of the celebrities that get their hair done there actually have hair on their heads!

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