Again?! Baseball Players Conspire To Bean Umpire

A pleasant amateur baseball game in Wisconsin turned ugly when one team was forced to forfeit the game, after its pitcher & catcher were accused of purposely beaning the umpire.

Oswald Rabbit umpire figurine

The MADISON CAPITAL TIMES hurls up news that umpires had stopped Sunday’s game between local teams McFarland & Monona after three McFarland players were ejected over the beaning incident.

Hitting an ump on purpose - haven’t we heard this one before?

Anyway, the problems all began during the sixth inning, when McFarland catcher Pete Patten was jawing with home plate umpire Rich Fronheiser over the ump’s strike zone. Displeased with Fronheiser’s calls, McFarland’s players decided to do something about it. Read more…