Report: Carroll meets with, turns down, Redskins

We posted a week ago about WFAN-AM’s Chris Russo (we know, he’s a goof, but he does have access) saying on-air that Pete Carroll was a serious candidate for the Redskins’ coaching job. At that time, everyone was speculating on who Dan Snyder’s “wildcard” coaching candidate was.

Adam Schefter NFL Network Reports On Pete Carroll To The Redskins

Jim Fassel turned out to be the guy (or was he)? Snyder since hasn’t hired Fassel (but soon?) and according to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, has been pursuing Carroll recently.

Schefter reports Snyder recently met with Carroll, who was on a recruiting trip, in St. Louis: “They tried to persuade him to come to Washington to take that coaching job. As it turned out, Pete Carroll was not interested.