Radomski Finds The Receipts For Rocket’s HGH?

In the latest chapter of “As The Rocket Implodes”, we turn to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, whose investigative team has never met an accused user it didn’t like to take chunks out of. Now, it appears that Kirk Radomski, as part of his plea deal with the federal government, is squealing about his alleged dealings with Roger Clemens.

Roger Clemens

The report cites sources saying Radomski found shipping receipts for shipments of HGH sent to Clemens’ Texas home, in the care of Brian McNamee.

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Rays Debate Devilish Idea To Bring In Barry Bonds

Not too long after dropping the “Devil” name, the Tampa Bay Rays may be getting back a devilish character - Barry Bonds.

Barry Bonds Tampa Bay Rays

The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that Rays officials have had “internal discussions” about acquiring the available hitter. Bonds has been teamless since the San Francisco Giants bid the slugger sayonara last season, while the Rays have been powerless since … well, forever.

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Congress May Claim Clemens Committed Perjury

HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS tips us off to a NEW YORK TIMES report that Congress may go after Roger Clemens for lying about steroid use.

Roger Clemens Congressional Hearing

The House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform has drafted a letter to the Justice Department, asking that Clemens be investigated for possibly committing perjury during his Feb. 13 appearance on Capitol Hill. Read more…

Bonds’ Lawyers Say Typos Could Turn Legal Tide

Lawyers for Barry Bonds are hoping a small typo could make a big enough loophole for the slugger to jump through.

Barry Bond Barroid sign

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Bonds’ legal team filed a complaint Thursday saying that the screw-up from Federal prosecutors could hurt Bonds’ chances to get a fair trial. Read more…

Feds Make Boo-Boo In Bonds Steroid Test Report

*UPDATE*: Apparently the Feds made a little typo when filing a report about Barry Bonds’ testing positive for steroids in 2001. ESPN reveals that Thursday’s legal filing was actually referring to a November 2000 drug test - a failed test that was already mentioned in the original perjury indictment.

Well, that’s government bureaucracy for you. (Thanks to SbBer unclebandit for the heads up.)


REUTERS has breaking news that Barry Bonds had failed a steroids test in 2001 - only a month after setting the single-season home run record.

Barry Bonds point

Federal prosecutors made the allegations in a legal filing on Thursday, saying Barry’s good buddies at BALCO helped the slugger hit 73 homers that season. Read more…