Red Sox Nation Panic Forces Martial Law, Looting

Red Sox Nation flags fly at half-mast today as two key citizens are leaving for an extended period, neither entirely of their own volition. First, David Ortiz has damage in the sheath that protects a tendon in his left wrist. He’ll be immobilized for a month and still might need surgery.

OUT IN CENTER FIELD points out that Papi Grande will now miss that State Farm promotion during the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium; we point out that Hank Steinbrenner’s one sneaky SOB and is known to own a sheath-cutting knife. We’re not sayin’; we’re jus’ sayin’.

Hazel Mae

(In this example, the red dress is a tendon sheath…)

However, there is a second loss that may be just as hard to take for the denizens of Red Sox Union of Closely Affiliated States, Municipalities, and Wherever Jimmy Fallon Is This Week: Hazel Mae is out at NESN.

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Media’s Fears for Beijing Olympics Justified?

Your antennae are properly tuned if you have a media-driven feeling of trepidation about the Beijing Olympics. If they’re not fussing about needing oxygen masks, they’re carrying on about having their phones tapped. They worry about being caught in numerous political crises, from Tibet to Falun Gong to boycotts galore. The paranoia levels now challenge the smog levels.

Screaming woman

(Pictured: Media reaction to Beijing Olympics)

Then again, it’s hard to fault them when all of their personal information disappears from an office desk, including passport data. That’s what happened at the BBC this week. Vital knowledge about all 400+ staff headed to the Olympics, stored in two folders in preparation for the trip, disappeared. Police have been contacted about the matter. Read more…