DeWayne Wise Saves Perfect Game, Gets Booze

In the 134-season history of major league baseball in this country, there have been a total of 388,502 (and counting) attempts to pitch a perfect game; that is, there have been 194,251 games (and counting) and each game has presumably started with two opposing pitchers facing eah other. Of those 388,502 opportunities, only 18 of them have resulted in a perfect game. Put it this way - when you sit down at a bar or in your living room to watch a baseball game, there is only a .0093% - one nine-thousandth of one percent -  chance that the game you watch will result in an elusive perfect game.

Mark Buehrle DeWayne Wise Crown Royal XR 1

And yet, there I was last Thursday afternoon, sitting in my home office on Chicago’s north side watching Comcast SportsNet as Mark Buehrle inched ever closer to the near-impossible. At some point in the 7th inning, I hit the record button on the DVR remote…you know, just in case. By the end of the 8th inning, I was beginning to think it might actually happen. And then, in the 9th inning, Gabe Kapler hit a deep fly ball that seemed destined to bring everyone back to reality, when DeWayne Wise made the catch of the year that kept the perfection alive. Two short outs later, Buehrle had done the unthinkable, and I had the same thought in my head as millions of people across the country did later that evening as they saw the highlights - “dude, Buehrle owes Wise BIG-TIME.” So…what exactly is saving a perfect game worth, anyway?

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Guillen’s ‘Racism’ Saves Buehrle’s Perfect Game

Say, remember a couple days ago when White Sox fans were whipped up in a lather about Ozzie Guillen’s decision to demote Brian Anderson instead of DeWayne Wise in order to make room for Carlos Quentin? Remember how people had gone so far as to claim racism in emails to Guillen?

Mark Buehrle White Sox

(Believe it or not, that’s his happy face.)

Well, it turns out that was far more of a consequential decision than anybody could have imagined. Fast forward to today, and Wise - who, according to a commenter here at SbB, “can’t read a fly ball for anything,” was inserted in center in the 9th inning of Mark Buerhle’s developing perfect game for defensive purposes.

Drama ensued.

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Iowa Prep Baseball: A Whole Lotta Zeroes Goin On

So the Pittsburgh Pirates select Norwalk High (Des Moines, Iowa) pitcher Matt Dermody in the 26th round of the MLB draft, and tell the senior lefty that they will sign him, but won’t quote any numbers until they “see him pitch during the summer.” This may not have been wise.

Matt Dermody

Dermody threw a 6-inning perfect game on Tuesday, striking out all 18 batters he faced, as Norwalk beat South Tama 10-0 (game was stopped due to the mercy rule). Oh, and he also had two home runs. In the second game of the doubleheader, Norwalk teammate Kole Klocko threw a five-inning no-hitter as Norwalk again beat South Tama 10-0. You’ll get nothing and like it! Read more…