McHale’s Move From Minny Tweeted With By Love

Kevin Love is the first one to tell, er, Tweet the world that Kevin McHale would be leaving the Timberwolves.

Kevin McHale Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves

• Now that’s what you call a road test fiesta! Thanks, Top Gear!

• Could Coach K depart Duke to land as head honcho for the Lakers?

Eddie Van Halen is very hot at Nike for ripping off his guitar to design their new shoes.

• The Stanley Cup takes a dip in Mario Lemieux’s pool.

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Video: Ozzie Guillen y Carlos Zambrano Por Pepsi

As the Windy City Series gets underway at Wrigley today, Ozzie Guillen managed to have a hearty laugh at some Cubs fans selling shirts that make a mini-mockery of his Hispanic heritage. After such grand guffawing, one is bound to be bedeviled by a parched throat. Hey, Ozzie, how ’bout a Pepsi?

And look who’s co-starring in the commercial with the White Sox manager - it’s none other than Cubs hurler Carlos Zambrano. And even Bobby Abreu makes a last-second cameo.

Ahhh, muy refrescante!

As for the offensive shirts, Ozzie really does get the last laugh - at least for today.

Coke, Pepsi Trade Blows for Rights to Thai Boxer

We’re not suggesting Coke has fallen behind Pepsi in Pacific Asia for any one reason, but it doesn’t hurt that Coke’s local bottlers have not been as aggressive as Pepsi’s recently. For example, Thailand’s young boxing phenom received news in Beijing that Pepsi has set up swag tents on his front lawn. Coke ran in behind and offered more money if Pepsi would just take down the tents.

Coke vs. Pepsi

Now they’re being forced to co-exist in his front yard until the Games are over. Then we imagine the boxer/police sergeant will deal with the matter the only way he knows now: let his agent handle it. (Side note: American Olympians work at Home Dept; Thai Olympians are police sergeants. Jus’ sayin’.)
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