Poll: Girl Dunking Easily Or Five-Man-Jump Dunk?

You may have seen the Keon Bell dunk at the Pepperdine’s Midnight Madness last week - the one where he leaps five of his teammates en route to the slam.

Keon Bell Britney Griner Dunk

(It’s five in the video kids)

That’s the coolest dunk I can really remember seeing, except perhaps watching Baylor freshman Britney Griner become the first woman ever to throwdown with ease.

What’s the more impressive dunk?

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I’ve posted the videos of their dunks after the jump. Be sure to vote, interested in what you all think. I’m going with Griner, since she’s absolutely a pioneer in being able to do what she does. I honestly think she could completely change women’s basketball if she gets the proper amount of exposure and marketing. Read more…

Pam Anderson & Kenny G Enjoy Pepperdine B-ball

Never mind the Lakers - Pepperdine is the new hot spot for L.A.’s big-name basketball fans.

Pam Anderson and Kenny G at Pepperdine basketball game

BUSTED COVERAGE uncovers photos of Pamela Anderson & Kenny G spending their Saturday night at the Malibu school, as the sex star & sax star saw the Waves wash over West Coast Conference foe Santa Clara. Read more…

Pepperdine Coach Made Player Suck His Thumb


Pepperdine’s b-ball coach has called a permanent time-out, amid rumors that he verbally abused his players - even making one kid suck his thumb during practice.

The LOS ANGELES TIMES dribbles news that Vance Walberg resigned on Thursday, officially citing ‘family reasons’ for his departure from Malibu. However, Vance’ vacancy comes at a time that questions were being asked about Walberg’s way with his team. Read more…

BYU Player Gouged In Eyes No Foul Call With Photo

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE photo of Brigham Young’s Jonathan Tavernari getting gouged in the eyes last weekend by Pepperdine’s Jason Walberg:

No Blind No Foul

No foul was called.

Pam Anderson Running Huge Expensive Juggs Gun Helps Pepperdine Waves Baseball Team Smack Balls Longer Harder

West Coast Bias

• Larry Brown of AOL Sports Blog lets us know who’s running the JUGGS gun for the Pepperdine baseball team: Pam Anderson.

Pam Anderson Pepperdine Baseball Team

Anderson has apparently adopted the team and is serving as sort of a mascot/house mother for the Waves (or maybe she’s looking for a little extra support herself).

• Starving kids in Africa can wait, at least until after Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s honeymoon this summer.

Eva Longoria Without Makeup

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports a charity all-star hoops game was scheduled for July 15 in Paris to benefit Dikembe Mutombo’s host and research center in The Congo, until Parker canceled the game due to the conflict with his post-nuptials junket.

Mutombo: “Tony is going to be on the honeymoon, and the French Federation says if Tony Parker will not play, the game cannot happen.

• If you want to break into sports journalism, the time is now!

Will Leitch of Deadspin headlines a MediaBistro.com panel tonight in NYC that will apparently help you break into the glamorous world of reporting on athletic endeavor.

But remember, if you want to be a real, live sports journo, you will have to keep your pants on.

Paul Katcher drops a clue why Starbury’s are sold out at retailers across the country:


A-holes are buying dozens of pairs and reselling them at a markup on Ebay.

• Who knew Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and Larry David were kindred souls? While David’s wife continues to spew verbal diarhhea, Lurie’s wife Christina has her own absurd enviro act.

Christina Lurie Windmills

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports she announced last week that the team will reimburse employees who buy their energy from windmills.

Hey, it could be worse. She could be telling us how to wipe.