Ced Benson Got Drunk On A Boat, Pepper Sprayed

Bears RB Cedric Benson ran for 674 yards last season. Last night, Benson tried to run from an arrest and was pepper sprayed for his trouble.

Cedric Benson George Washington

Benson was boating “with about 12 or 15 others” near Austin, Texas when he failed an abbreviated sobriety test and refused to take a follow-up test on dry land. And then the fun started.

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Police Pepper Spray Rowdy Fans Causing Racket

Some tennis fans in Melbourne wonder why should soccer hooligans have all the fun.

Tennis fan pepper sprayed

TENNIS WEEK reports that police had to use pepper spray on unruly fans during a first round match at the Australian Open. The confrontation caused a five-minute delay in the match between Chile’s Fernando Gonzalez and Grecce’s Konstantinos Economidis.

A group of fans started chanting insults at other spectators. When police came to remove the offending chant-leader, the crowd “became aggressive and threatening,” prompting the pepper spray use.

Authorities have instituted a zero-tolerance policy on bad behavior at this year’s open, due to a large-scale fight last year between Serbian & Croatian fans. But it’s hard to keep passions contained when it comes between such old rivals as the Chileans & Greeks.