Honest Mistake! Coach’s Resume Off By 304 Wins

Whenever there’s an investigation into the background of a 55-year-old high school employee with three names, you know it’s likely to involve at least one of three things:

1) Some manner of electronic monitoring device.
2) Hiring oversight akin to the Clippers on draft day.
3) Both.

Stephen Ray Thompson

(Ellen DeGeneres stars in Life After People: 2032)

This weekend the ST. PETERSBURG (FL) TIMES provided us with a relentlessly accurate glimpse into the high school basketball coaching career of a 55-year-old man named Stephen Ray Thompson. Thompson was recently fired as coach of a local high school after his resume was found to be a little more than mildly inaccurate. Read more…

Baron Davis Desperate For Housewife Teri Hatcher

• Following in the footsteps of Tony Parker, YARDBARKER reports that the Warriors’ Baron Davis is Desperate for Housewife Teri Hatcher:

Baron Davis Teri Hatcher

• THE SPORTS GOD feels a bit drowsy in listing the 10 Most Boring Sports Events.

Reggie Miller’s not the only one looking for a comeback, as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED notes Penny’s back with Shaq.

Matt Leinart’s made it to the movies after all! FAN IQ gets a good seat, as Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt takes his players to the local cinema:

Matt Leinart Movies

Well, it’s safer than a trip to the water park. Unless you choke on the theater popcorn.

• Speaking of Leinie, DEADSPIN discovers he’s none too pleased about his Madden 08 rating.

• SPORTS COLUMN needs to re-check their feng shui, as Greg Oden gives a tour of his fancy digs.

• EPOCH TIMES gasps that Maria Sharapova advanced in the Los Angeles Open after her opponent, like many men who face her, had trouble breathing:

Maria Sharapova bikini

• PACKERS NEWS looks for their reading glasses, as Brett Favre’s wife Deanna has a book coming out in October.

• Blimey! LION IN OIL finds that a FIFA V.P. doesn’t care much for England.

• AOL FANHOUSE needs to do some beer lifts, as John Daly’s in better shape than Tiger Woods:

John Daly Drunk Photo

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS checks their wallet, as tickets for Notre Dame-Penn State are going for over $1,000.

• The HUFFINGTON POST realized that the Brooklyn Cyclones aren’t just a minor league baseball team.