Want To Play Pebble Beach? 18 Holes Costs $600

One of the recurring refrains of last weekend’s U.S. Open from Pebble Beach is how the course itself is public and available for anyone to play.

Pebble Beach Golf Course

(Your choice: Play a round or buy a yacht)

There is a small catch though: 18 holes will cost you a base fee of $495. If you have that kind of scratch to spend on one round of golf, then the additional $35 for a cart and $75 for a caddie (plus tip) shouldn’t cause any consternation.

So you’re looking at $610 … and don’t forget that gratuity!

There is some good news though. The Casa Palmero Hotel is right next door to the course, with rooms available at $2,700 per night.

The bad news? No green fee discount with overnight stay.

Don’t want to stay overnight? Then, as Tod Leonard of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE noted last week, you can forget about a tee time.

In other words, if you come away from Pebble Beach without reaching four figures in 24 hours, you’re doing it wrong.

How does Pebble’s single green fee compare to other U.S. public courses?

Has to be way higher, right? Read more…

Natalie Gulbis Wants To Be On Vijay Singh’s Bag

Nothing like starting the day by taking an innocent photo and taking it completely out of context. Right? Yes indeed. Natalie Gulbis — also known as, “Yes” — did some caddying at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. The work was for amateur Ted Forstmann, and blah blah blah, here she is walking with Vijay Singh.

Natalie Gulbis

Gulbis, of course, is a talented golfer in her own right. She topped $1 million on the LPGA moneylist in 2005 and won her first tournament in 2007, and blah blah blah, she’s also very fetching.

Natalie Gulbis Bikini Photos

This is the first of what could be two golf-related posts today, but it is the only one that will include Natalie Gulbis. I just thought that should be mentioned.