Are Rhoads Explosions Taking Toll On Iowa State?

This week a less-than-private debate in and around Ames, Iowa, has broken out about the behavior of Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads during Texas A&M’s 33-17 win over the Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium last Saturday.

Paul Rhoads explodes at official during Iowa State Texas A&M game

Rhoads was seen on the ESPN telecast late in the second quarter exploding at an official in a scene that featured the Iowa State Coach Triple Jumping his way into a display that also included a Pete Townsend windmill and was topped off with a demonstrative pelvic thrust that’d make Madonna blush. (Okay, maybe not.)

Rhoads has long been known for emotional displays, but apparently last Saturday was a little too much for some Cyclone followers - and media members - to take.

When asked by a reporter on Monday if he went “over the top” during Saturday’s game, Rhoads stated:

“I am an animated guy. I am a passionate guy. Coaching football is my livelihood and fighting for our football team and most importantly our kids and the opportunity to win football games is my responsibility. I love that. I’ve never made any apologies for who I am or how I do it and I never will.”

Rhoads was also asked if he thought his emotional style of coaching may have an adverse effect on his players. Rhoads:

“I think that our football team is fully aware of who I am. I yell. I cry. I laugh,” Rhoads said. “If you ask me if it had an adverse effect or a negative effect on them, I would really highly doubt that because they see it on a daily basis. I don’t change from Wednesday to Saturday. They know what they’ve got.”

If Iowa State had beaten Texas A&M 33-17 instead of losing by the same score, is it unreasonable to think those questions may not have come up on Monday?

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Mensa Man Tries to Bring Spread to Lowly Iowa St.

There’s a delicious nugget of irony to the news that according to the DES MOINES REGISTER, Iowa State’s new offensive coordinator, Tom Herman, is A) a member of Mensa International and B) trying to implement a brand new spread offense at ISU. That is, of course, that any idiot can tell that his plan is doomed to failure from the start.

ISU uniform ripoff
(Just because you dress like the USC Trojans doesn’t mean Pete Carroll’s on your sideline.)

You see, Herman’s idea is good … if you’re living in 2002. As of about 5-10 years ago, the spread offense came to be known as a jumpstart for teams of inferior talent, a way to generate excitement and maybe a few upsets. The problem is, as Chris Brown (definitely not him) of the very aptly named SMART FOOTBALL puts it:

[The spread] has morphed from an equalizing offense, one used by less talented programs to level the playing field, to one that merely amplifies the latent talent, so talented teams can expose mismatched defenders but there are now fewer opportunities for less talented teams and the spread may not be well situated for these “up-and-coming” programs now that it is so popular.

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Desperate Iowa St. Holding Open Football Tryouts

You’ve got to feel sorry for incoming Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads. He inherits a team that avoided the three best Big XII teams (Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech)… and still went 0-8 in conference play. When we say they suck, we mean it: Iowa State sucks. So what’s their big plan to turn this ship around and bring the glory back to Cyclone Nation*??? Open tryouts!

Invincible Mark Wahlberg
(This won’t happen.)

We’re not sure why Iowa State’s doing this. ISU draws most of its students from the state of Iowa, where the level of talent is already pretty low–and that’s before all the schools in state pick over the talent. Like some ag tech kid is going to walk onto the field and run a 4.3 out of nowhere? Like the next Brett Favre is slaving away in a computer lab? Come on. Marky Mark’s not walking through that door!

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