LoDuca Sued For $432K For Not Paying Horse Fee

The appropriately named Frank Angst reports for the THOROUGHBRED TIMES thatĀ former MLBer Paul LoDuca is being sued for $432,000 for allegedly not paying the stud fee of Storm Cat.

Paul LoDuca Sued For $432,000 For Allegedly Not Paying Stud Fee Of Storm Cat

LoDuca, who is a horse racing analyst for Television Games Network, bred the leased mare Platinum Tiara to Storm Cat in 2007. Storm Cat’s fee was $500,000, an amount LoDuca allegedly never paid. Because he failed to pony up, Storm Cat’s Owner Overbrook Farm eventually sold the resulting foal for $325,000.

Overbrook now contends LoDuca owes the balance of the difference along with an astounding $187,500 in interest + plus court costs.

LoDuca earned in excess of $30M during his MLB playing career, but this isn’t the first case of the former catcher owing money. Bill Madden of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reported that MLB officials met with LoDuca in 2006 upon learning of gambling habits that caused LoDuca to owe bookmakers money. Read more…

Pettitte, Gagne, LoDuca All Kickin’ It With Mitch

Andy Pettitte, Paul LoDuca and Eric Gagne bailed out MSM outlets looking for copy fill today, as all three addressed the media over issues initially wrought by the Mitchell Report.

Media At Spring Training

Of course, that fill reminded us of something you might find stamped into the side of a hill, with vents coming out. Read more…

Lo Duca Almost Hit By Car When Discussing Mitchell Report

LO DUCA AVOIDS CAR CRASH DURING REPORT DISCUSSION: On the eve of the Mitchell Report announcement, Paul Lo Duca almost got out of any questioning - by almost getting into an auto accident:

Paul Lo Duca catcher

DC SPORTS BOG listens in on a WFAN radio interview with the ex-Mets star. When asked if players were nervous about what the report was going to announce, Lo Duca got nervous on the road:”You know, to be honest, I probably should stay away from it, so I’ll have no comment, but to me I don’t think it’s really an issue. You know, all this stuff that’s been going on for the last three years, the probing [of] guys, doing this and that, it’s the kind of thing — Ooh, whoa! I’m driving, I almost got hit by a car!

Phew! That was a close one. After his near collision, Lo Duca was then asked if he would be surprised by any of the names listed in the report:

No, I’m not going to be, I don’t think you’re gonna be really surprised about who’s on the list. So I think it’s the kind of thing where a lot of the stuff was five, six, seven years ago and you know something? It’s over with. Get over with it, you know? You know what I mean?

Paul Lo Duca Nationals

We bet Paul’s hoping his new employers can get over it, too.