Kiffin Escapes Black Hole, Finally Fired by Raiders

In a surprise & shocking move that absolutely no one saw coming, Lane Kiffin was fired as Oakland Raiders head coach on Tuesday.

Lane Kiffin wipes face

(”Sorry, I’ve got something in my eye“)

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Al Davis couldn’t ever bear to tell Lane the sad news in person - so he just phoned him up:

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Does Syracuse Want Lane Kiffin To Be Carroll 2.0?

When it comes to hiring football coaches, Syracuse AD Darryl Gross has a checkered track record. Yes, he was the person who ultimately brought Pete Carroll to USC when he was the Associate Athletic Director, single-handedly revitalizing a crumbling program. The head coach most responsible for driving the Trojans to the brink of total collapse? Paul Hackett, also a Darryl Gross-led hire.

Lane Kiffin and Otto the Orange

So if you’re an Orangemen fan, you have the right to be skeptical about Gross’ decision-making, especially as his hire at your school, Greg Robinson, has taken the program from mediocre to pitiful. So squeamish Syracuse fans might want to avert their eyes when I tell you who the POST-STANDARD is reporting Gross might be targeting as your next head coach: Lane Kiffin. Yes, the guy whose job status with the Oakland Raiders is about as tenuous as a banker with Lehman Brothers.

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Blogga-Knockin’: Kardashian’s Full Frontal Attack

THE BIG LEAD has the photo find of the year (ok, maybe not) of Kim Kardashian (bottom - of course - item):

Kim Kardashian Lingerie Photo Halloween With Blonde

• MISTER IRRELEVANT introduces us to the Washington Wizards’ “White Hole (no, it’s not Marion Berry’s nasal cavity).

• The NEW YORK POST has a sign the Yanks are about to move:

Yankee Stadiujm

• WITH LEATHER reveals Roy Jones’ resistance at wearing a Ron Paul tattoo for his fight tonight against Felix Trinidad.

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