Jays Fans Make Cubs Fans Look Classy, Sober

In an ongoing attempt by many clubs to make an MLB game look affordable occasionally (and get people into the park to sell full-price concessions to), the Toronto Blue Jays offered four dates this year with CDN$2 tickets in certain upper deck sections.

Toronto Blue Jays fan seeks Ferris

(Did she find Ferris or not?)

However, in an ongoing theme for Toronto fans, Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey may ditch the pretense next season after Tuesday night’s first attempt at concession upsells went too well, especially for the beer vendor.

Brawls broke out all across the truly cheap seats, causing over 100 ejections from Rogers Centre. (Of course, the same number were tossed Opening Day.) Not to mention the lovely young lady above who entertained the Opening Day crowd and two more shirtless visitors to the field (one of each gender) Tuesday.

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