Moneyballer: Superfat Actor Can’t Have My Name

I’ve less than no interest in Hollywood’s hilariously impossible attempt to capture  Moneyball as a feature film - until now. Bad enough we’re required to buy Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, but now comes this newly-released photo of former A’s manager Art Howe being played by … wait for itPhilip Seymour Hoffman.

Art Howe and Philip Seymour Hoffman

(Works for me!)

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Hole-In-1 Caught On Film; Big Pain in Little League

Gisele’s not in Maxim’s Hot 100? Looks like it’s time for Tom to trade her in.

• It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! A Cinderella story - caught on tape!

Carl Spackler Cinderella story

• Why must the children pay for the sins of the mother - especially when it comes to Little League concessions?

• The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders flock down to the Dominican Republic for their bikini calendar shoot.

• The T-Wolves’ Fred Hoiberg will be bringing along a special stuffed friend to make the NBA Lottery a little more bearable.

• Does Mike Tyson really want a Slice of Kimbo?

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Paul DePodesta Legally Not Chatty About Dodgers

As all the cool kids already know, Padres front office guru-type assistant and former Dodgers General Manager Paul DePodesta has started one of them there blogs the kids are into these days. (We couldn’t exactly tell you why it’s not on the Padres’ Web site.) DePodesta, as you already know, probably wrote “Moneyball”. Joe Morgan’s not sure. Damned nerds; get off his lawn!

Duck Dodgers

One week in, though, and the illusion of freedom of expressing one’s self without repercussion started to unravel. (To be fair, DePodesta never intimated he’d be Chatty Cathy about everything, but it is a blog. We have expectations, fair or not.) Read more…

Blog It: New DC Unis Snug as a VW Bug in a Rug

• BEHIND THE BADGE passes along pics of some sexy senoritas from a Spanish-language TV show modeling the new DC United threads.

Univision girls wearing DC United jerseys

• In other apparel news, ZONER SPORTS catches a youngster wearing the jersey of his favorite Packer - Mark Chmura?!?!

• Former Dodgers GM & current Padres office assistant Paul DePodesta is taking a trip into the blogosphere.

• RANDBALL receives news that a former NFL Mr. Irrelevant will be trying his luck in love on “The Bachelorette“.

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