Rihanna On The Rebound With Andrew Bynum?

• Singer Rihanna was seen sharing a Friday night meal in Beverly Hills with the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum.

Rihanna Andrew Bynum Playboy Bunny

Ray Allen saves the Celtics from an embarrassing 2-0 hole vs. the Bulls.

• The Nationals fine Elijah Dukes for running late due to a charity event? No problem - the Little League will take care of that bill, dog.

• Florida high school pitching phenom Patrick Schuster does it again, hurling his 4th straight no-hitter.

• The Orlando Magic can’t escape hecklers even from just outside their own locker room.

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Patrick Schuster Throws Fourth Straight No-Hitter

As amazing a feat as it was, when Mitchell High School’s Patrick Schuster threw his third consecutive no-hitter last Monday, he didn’t set the Florida high school record. He only tied the mark, as both Ben Webb (1985) and Sam Militello (1987) had done the same thing. So when Schuster took the mound again last night, he did so with the chance to break the record against the Pasco High School Pirates (the American kind of pirates, not the Somali).

Patrick Schuster

Schuster did just that. He struck out 17 Pirates on the way to his fourth straight no-hitter, and he did so in front of a bout 1,000 people, a dozen scouts, and his future college coach at the University of Florida, Kevin O’Sullivan.

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Fla. HS Pitcher Tosses Three Straight No-Hitters

There’s plenty of “unbreakable” records in major league baseball these days: Cy Young’s 511 wins, Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, the 17 prostitutes Mickey Mantle pleasured in one night. But even with all those iconic numbers firmly entrenched in baseball lore, the one most unbreakable of them all might be 2. That’s how many consecutive no-hitters Johnny Vander Meer recorded for the Cincinnati Reds in 1938, and it’s safe to say that record’s never going down.

Patrick Schuster Mitchell High

Well, not in the major leagues, anyway. That’s Mitchell High lefty Patrick Schuster, who you’ve definitely never heard of before. Schuster just put the finishing touches on a 2-0 no-no over Clearwater Central Catholic (why does Schuster hate Catholics? This is worth investigating), his third in as many starts. The Florida HS Athletic Association says it’s “not immediately known” whether that’s a state record; we’ll go ahead and say “yes.”

This wasn’t a bullcrap no-hitter where the pitcher walks like 9 guys and does lots of praying on the mound, either; Schuster absolutely scorched the visiting Marauders. Read more…