Dumb Popcorn Prank Burns Central Conn. Players

When I was in college, our idea of a good prank was stealing patio furniture from the cafeteria, or maybe duct taping someone’s door so they were stuck. Apparently I was just a rank amateur, judging by what the BRISTOL PRESS says that two Central Connecticut State athletes did on Monday morning: they made people think that they were trapped inside a burning building with no hope of escape.

Real Genius Laser

(A much better prank using popcorn.)

Get it? See, it’s funny because it’s emotionally disturbing! Running back Matthew Dortch and pitcher Patrick Robinson, along with former CCSU football player Christopher Scifio, intentionally burned multiple bags of popcorn along with tying the doors to the exits of Vance Hall shut with heavy fishing string, so that their dormmates were awoken at 3 a.m. by fire alarms, smoke and no way out.

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