Knicks Acquire New Team Mascot for Old Waste

We admit it: we’ve grown a bit old.  We feel the pull of nostalgia from our misspent youth and grow wistful when we see our old heroes’ paunches on television.  We try to resist wallowing in our past with so much awesome in the present, but we fall prey occasionally.

Patrick Ewing Jr.

Therefore, we felt badly when DJ Strawberry found himself a Rocket as he was casually tossed aside by the Phoenix Suns.  We just gained an opportunity to see many Suns games and were looking forward to seeing this young bulldog of a defender sink his teeth into the weak and infirm guards of the league.  Darryl’s boy made good, you know?

And then we heard the worst of it last night: Patrick Ewing’s kid has been named the official mascot of the New York Knicks.
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