Bank Robbers Use Jersey Numbers As Code Now

Pennsylvania residents Trammel Bledsoe and Phillip Sainsbury are not exactly model citizens.  In fact, they’re bank robbers (though they aren’t related to Deidra Lane) who are currently in prison after getting busted by the cops.  They also happen to be sports fans, and have found a fun new way to use sports knowledge to help commit crimes.

Reggie Bush

While Bledsoe is in prison he knows his telephone calls are being recorded.  So when he called his friend Joshua Burton to give him instructions on where to find the gun he ditched and the $3,500 he stole from the bank, he had to come up with some kind of code to let Burton know where to find the loot.  So he used athletes and their jersey numbers to give locations.

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New Lingerie Football League - Root For Da Bares

Remember the Lingerie Bowls, those authentic, not-at-all-pandering Super Bowl halftime events the nuances of which sports purists love to debate over for hours on end whilst enjoying a Cuban cigar and a snifter of brandy?  Well fear not, Underwear Sports World, for an entire league hath been created for you.

Lingerie Bowl

(All players are required to bring their own kneepads from home.)

There are to be 10 initial franchises in NFL cities across the country. As expected, the teams all have tasteful, dignified names chosen to inspire young women across the country and prove that they can be anything they want to be, including professional football players. A rundown of each of the teams with some early factoids is after the jump.

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Sir Blog-A-Lot: Dick J. Harrasses Female Blogger

Stephanie Stradley knows more about the Texans than most anyone I know. Including Richard Justice (obviously) and perhaps he’s jealous. Via FANHOUSE and Steph’s first-hand account, we find out that Justice has been referring to her — a blogger, no less! — on his radio show as a “Fatal Attraction” like stalker. Way to be, Dick.

Richard Justice

MMA Mania tells us that Jon Koppenhaver will NOT lose his nickname: SO 6 weeks ago I filed a change of name request and today I had court to make my name officially WAR MACHINE. lol. F*ckin’ funny right? Didn’t really wanna have to do it but I am sure as hell not lose MY nickname.”

THE DAILY NEWS passes down the word that Patrick Ewing, Junya, will be the newest member of the Knicks. Aw, just like Dad. Now if he can fail to win anything meaningful, have his knees collapse and end up gawking at cheerleaders coaching, we can use the phrase “full circle”. Fun times.

MISTER MITTENS gloveslaps any Giants fans who think that David Carr is going to perform like this during the regular season. (Shameless, I know.)

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Blog-O-Rama: Brewers Fans Find Profit In Potties

DEADSPIN via WALKOFF WALK discovers that some Brewers fans are a whiz at making a profit from port-a-potty problems.

Milwaukee 12 Man Beer Bong

Such are the results when you imbibe in a 12-man beer bong.

• The HARTFORD COURANT pitches out the top 50 MLB salaries, and you’ll never guess which team claims the top 3 spots. (OK, you will.)

• Speaking of salaries, BLOOMBERG notes that if Kansas beats Memphis tonight, Jayhawks coach Bill Self will be $200,000 richer.

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Gold Club Rewards Points Do Go Far These Days

It’s hard to imagine the total damage that one incurs when covering the New York Knicks. Madison Square Garden security bumps into you. People say mean and hurtful things about you. To your face, even! Then there’s the worst indignity: watching the Knicks play on a regular basis. Clearly, that should be attempted only by trained professionals, David Blaine, and laboratory animals.

Patrick Ewing Girls

It’s that kind of repetition of the horrible that can lead even the most thoughtful of New York tabloid sports columnists to take any proffered solution as a possible escape route. To wit: Patrick Ewing wants to be a head coach and multiple people took him seriously.

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