Torii Hunter Has A New Found Friend In The Rally Monkey

• The real reason why Torii Hunter signed with the Angels? To spend more time with the Rally Monkey:

• NATION OF ISLAM SPORTSBLOG checks out West Virginia, and comes to believe in (Pat) White power.• AWFUL ANNOUNCING sounds off that neighbors of Arizona Stadium are tired of hearing Phil Collins tunes.

• SPORTABLE hits us with a clip of Troy Glaus sending a pinata airborne:

• STEROID NATION is hitting the casting couch to find leads for the new HBO “Game of Shadows” movie.• GOING FIVE HOLE skates over news that Gary Bettman doesn’t want to send NHLers to the 2014 Olympics in Russia.

WVU Fan Wants Pat White’s Baby; Erin Andrews Is A Sports Blog Icon

WVU FAN WANTS QB’S BABY; ERIN ANDREWS A BLOG ICON: SI’s ON CAMPUS features a photo of West Virginia fans finding a unique foray for family planning:

West Virginia fans Pat White baby

Watch what signs you hold up, missy. Erin Andrews is known to be the jealous type.

Speaking of the effervescent ESPN sideline reporter, the TUCSON CITIZEN writes about how Andrews is such a popular figure on the Internet:

Erin Andrews walk sideglance

Also revealed - the sky is blue, birds go ‘tweet’, and Lee Corso is nuts.

Erin will be in Tucson Thursday night, to help cover the Arizona-Oregon tilt. And she has one request for the UA students in the stadium: “Don’t leave at halftime.”

As DEADSPIN observes, “A picture of Erin Andrews, and/or a story about her, is a recipe for page view goodness.”

Erin Andrews cutout

Looks like the CITIZEN met its click quota for the day.

Erin Andrews sandwich

Not that we would stoop to such lazy tactics.

Erin Andrews Photos


Louisville Linebacker Supposedly Spit At West Virginia QB Pat White

LOUISVILLE LB LAUNCHES LOOGIE AT WVA. QB PAT WHITE: THE WIZARD OF ODDS does a spit take, as it looks like a Louisville player launched a loogie at Pat White:

West Virginia Louisville football

The WIZ notes that during West Virginia’s 38-31 triumph over the Cardinals Thursday night, ESPN cameras caught Louisville linebacker Preston Smith jawing with the Mountaineers QB after a play:

By watching the far right of the screen in the video above, it appears that Smith (in white) tilts his head back then quickly moves it forward at White (in gold). The QB the immediately tries to get the attention of the referee.Brian Bennett of the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL was told by White that he was indeed spit upon by Smith, calling the mouthy move by the LB “very ignorant“.

However, the Cardinals deny that any fluid flew from their player’s mask, calling the QB’s claims “total fiction“.

Pat White Erin Andrews

But we can all agree that White preferred his previously broadcasted contact with saliva, courtesy of Erin Andrews.

Erin Andrews May Have Give Kiss of Death To West Virginia

• OUT OF LEFT FIELD believes Erin Andrews’ peck on Pat White may have been the kiss of death for West Virginia:

Erin Andrews West Virginia Pat White

• BLOOMBERG gets a second opinion, as Greg Oden didn’t learn his knee injury was a season-ending one until he saw the Blazer’s news conference on TV.• GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES cancels the moving vans, as they’re hometown-proud of these pro stars who stayed true to their team.

• DEADSPIN looks for the remote, as they broadcast “Saturday Night Live’s” season-opening LeBronologue:

LeBron James SNL

• Double-time on the double-fault, maggot! Bonnie Ford of ESPN trades her racket for a rifle, as junior tennis players are served up for a set at boot camp.• The GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE gladly invites you to congratulate Brett Favre on his record performance through the magical medium of the online message board.

• THE ANGRY T tosses us their choices for the Top 15 Football Catches:

Dwight Clark 49ers catch

• I’M WRITING SPORTS can accept Matt Holliday as the National League MVP, if they must.• THE ROCK REPORT thinks Irish eyes will be smiling again, as they still see some hope for Notre Dame’s season.

• METS BLOG sums up New York’s National League season: “This stinks“:

Sad Mets Fan

• WITH MALICE reports on the tragic beating death of a young sumo wrestler.• In other morbid ring news, FULL METAL WRESTLING finds that former pro grappler Brian Adams did NOT have steroids in his system when he perished last month.

Erin Andrews Kisses and Hugs West Virginia QB

• Who needs the Heisman? AOL FANHOUSE feels the love, as West Virginia QB Pat White receives some amore from Erin Andrews:

Pat White Erin Andrews

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS double-takes while they double-dribble, as a high school fires its basketball coach - for being too good.

• YAHOO! NEWS gets a case of poison ivy, as a Cubs couple names their son “Wrigley Fields“.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED needs your vote in deciding who graces the cover of the next EA NFL game:

ToeJam & Earl video game cover

• The VANCOUVER PROVINCE gets a kick from the city council, who tells ultimate fighters to take off, hosers.

• THE GHOSTS OF WAYNE FONTES keeps a buckeye on Ohio State, who’s flying under the radar this season.

• POPJOCKS checks their spelling, as “Rord” is the word for this A-Rod fan:

Alex Rordriguez

• Turns out it was all a misunderstanding, as the ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that Notre Dame is 4-0. Honestly.

• Speaking of the Fighting-for-their-lives Irish, we wonder how well this book is selling right now.

• STEROID NATION tells how the East Germans thought it “logical” to treat their Olympic athletes with Supertramp and Springsteen during their “glory days“:

Muscle Woman Bruce Springsteen

• BUGS AND CRANKS knows the Yankees’ bullpen is getting a lot of game experience - which might not be a good thing.

• CURT’S BLOODY SOCK lives up to its subtitle, as they obsessively and possesively over-analyze this nice catch by Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury.