New Yankees Pitcher Likes to Go Both Ways, Eh?

The always-racy NEW YORK DAILY NEWS couldn’t wait to tell you about the newest bit of chicanery from the Yankees organization. Sure, they’ve had their wife-swapping and bed-hopping in the past, but they’ve never had someone bring their own special glove. (”Special Glove”, of course, was a #4 hit for Lou Rawls in 1974.)

Wild at Heart

With their 20th round selection, the Yankees selected curiosity Pat Venditte from Creighton University. What’s his pet peccadillo? He throws left-handed. And right-handed. His father (absolutely not one of those dads; not at all) made Mizuno create a special glove for his kid to switch throwing hands with when he was a toddler.

That may slide this from kinky to Lynchian.

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