Book: Tillman “Expressed Regret” Over Enlisting

Pat Tillman was a reluctant soldier who disagreed with the war policies of the Bush administration and wasn’t afraid to say so, according to a new book by Jon Krakauer, who reexamines the life and tragic death of the former Arizona Cardinals safety. Why then did Tillman give up millions in a successful NFL career to join the army, and then later refuse to be discharged when he had an opportunity to do so?

Pat Tillman

Tillman, who was tragically killed in an ambush in an Afghanistan village in 2004, was a complicated individual who put honor and country above everything, says Krakauer in his book, “Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman.” It’s a story of the man who was inspired to to serve in the military after the events of 9-11, his disillusionment with the mission afterward, and the army coverup surrounding his death.

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