Myers Off Radio, Pat O’Brien Back In The Game

One of the cool things about my career is I’ve been able to work with a lot of people who I grew up following in the media. ESPN SportsCenter was in its golden age when I was in college at the Univ. of Georgia and Chris Myers was O.G. back then, manning all the major stories, including narrating the O.J. bronco chase for the Worldwide Leader.

Chris Myers on NASCAR set

(Still weird seeing Myers (l) do NASCAR after all these years)

Fast forward a decade and I’m co-hosting an afternoon drive radio show with same dude in Los Angeles on the USC football flagship. Unlike a lot of prompter jockeys, Chris has an enormous-less ego, so it was good times.

I was doing that show with him when he first got the NASCAR gig. It certainly didn’t fit his career profile or personality, but to his credit he’s made it work. Pro.

Today Don Barrett of reports that Myers has now officially stepped away from his fulltime midday radio show at Fox Sports Radio because of a new NASCAR commit. Read more…

Week In Review: Jessica Gets Big, Romo A Cheat?

Jessica Simpson is livin’ large nowadays, while boyfriend Tony Romo might have banged another broad right in Jess’s own bed.

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo

Pat O’Brien could be coming to an ESPN radio station near you.

• Turns out cheerleading is a contact sport, after all. Allllllright!

• Tampa will have it all this weekend - Super Bowl, strip clubs & prostitutes.

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Steelers Boss Sends Letter to Sour Seahawks Fan

• After their last Super Bowl appearance, Steelers owner Dan Rooney took time to write to a Seattle explaining why the Seahawks weren’t screwed.

Dan Rooney Seahawks fan

Joe Torre backtracks on his Yankees-bashing book.

• Attending monster truck shows can be hazardous to your health.

• Players & fans get wild in a West Virginia girls high school basket-brawl.

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ESPN Ready To Take A Chance On Pat O’Brien?

Last week I saw Pat O’Brien at a Lakers game at Staples Center and I got to wondering how he is salvaging the smoldering wreckage that is his media career.

Pat O'Brien under consideration for job at ESPN Radio?

I grew up watching O’Brien on CBS, hosting tennis broadcasts and various studio shows. Back then, I used to think he brought a certain panache to sports broadcasts. Then again, I was about seven at the time, so it’s safe to say my sense of style wasn’t yet fully developed.

With his celeb gossip career in ashes, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that O’Brien might now look to get back into sports. And from what I recently learned, my hunch could be correct. Read more…

On The Lakers, Cool Cosmetic Surgery Innovation

I lucked into some great seats from a buddy last night, ended up a few rows off the court at Staples for the Lakers-Cavaliers game. Working on SbB so much and traveling all over the place the last year, I’ve been a little disconnected from my beloved Lipstick City, so it was nice to re-familiarize with the town and once again come to appreciate what L.A. is really all about.

Dyan Cannon Steven Tyler Dude Looks Like A Lady

(”Dude looks like a lady, cuz she is“)

So long as they keep winning, the Lakers will continue to rule this city. The Dodgers could win 50 World Series in a row and it wouldn’t matter. Between the magnificence of Staples Center, the quickness of the games and Kobe’s celebrity, it really will never get any better for a team in this town.

Last night I spent about half the evening watching the game, which was somewhat a moot point because of the Cavaliers’ injuries. The other half was thoroughly enjoying the presence of Stephon Marbury and Sly Stallone just in front of me, recognizing the unemployed Pat O’Brien and the off-the-radar Al Bernstein right next to me, and most importantly, celebrating the Sweet 16 of 72-year-old Dyan Cannon’s lips.  Read more…