Live Brog: UCLA Beats UT With SbB On The Scene

Welcome to the most awkward co-mingling of cultures since those discoverers of bubblin’ crude skedaddled to Beverly Hills and settled in to ruin prime-time television as part of the Backwoods Triptych (”Beverly Hillbillies”, “Green Acres”, and “Petticoat Junction”).  We’ll be working blue tonight… as well as orange… we fear this will never make the Bravo Web site.

UCLA fans on the make

(We miss college, where we could get drunk and pretend we were saying meaningful things next to an inflatable swimming pool and a UC-Irvine DJ…)

Brooks has stationed himself next to SbB Girl Alex at the Rose Bowl for the game (made possible by My Boy Barry!), delivering the kind of southern California atmosphere that only Brooks can provide.

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Below is Brooks’ pregame report and pictures of SbB Girl Alex coaxing shy college football fans in front of the camera.
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