Warning: Party Pass May Not Contain Actual Party

Amidst the gushing celebration of Jerry Jones‘ new Cowboy Stadium was a rather curious contention: that the stadium packed enough people into the SRO areas to break the all-time NFL record for attendance. While that figure may or may not have been met, we do know that simply looking at ticket sales isn’t going to tell the whole story about how many people were actually in the stadium.

Angry Cowboys Fan
(This man is holding party passes, but he is not having a party right now. Not unless it’s an angry party, and nobody likes an angry party.)

That’s because, according to Cowboys fan Hector Murillo (seen above) and thousands of others, the Cowboys locked them out of the stadium, despite the fans holding “party passes.” Oh, just because you bought a ticket to the game doesn’t mean you get to watch inside the place; you hadn’t heard?

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