You Can Party With Terrell Suggs This Weekend

Attention, citizens of Baltimore. Tired of living in Baltimore? Sure you are. The city is a dull, dingy mess, ripe for the portrayal The Wire gave it (the show wouldn’t have made much sense in, say, Topeka). Why, I’ll bet you haven’t been to any good parties lately. And Terrell Suggs wants to change that.

white tigers

(No, he will seriously have white tigers there. No word on if they’ll be mauling Siegfried or Roy.)

Courtesy of the inimitable YOU BEEN BLINDED, we have Terrell Suggs’ video invitation to “the livest party of the year.” Seriously. That one kegger back in October where the guy set off the firecracker in the toilet was nowhere near as live. That invitation and the details are after the break.

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