Former Raider Goes Nuts At Youth Football Game

And now, more punchy fun involving the Oakland Raiders, this time without Tom Cable. You may remember Jeremy Brigham (below) as a tight end for the Raiders from 1998-2001 (if so you have a good memory — he scored three career touchdowns). He now lives in the peaceful, leafy Northern California enclave of Pleasanton, where he coaches a youth football team of 9- and 10-year-olds.

Today, however, Brigham is under investigation by Pleasanton police for allegedly beating up his assistant coach, who is now in a neck brace. Brigham supposedly attacked the coach because he thought he had leaked the team’s plays to another team after he had fired him. Then it gets weird. Read more…

Boys Won’t Play Against Girl For ‘Moral Reasons’

A brawl broke out between two Colorado youth football coaches on Monday night when one team refused to take the field because the other had a girl in its starting lineup. The coaches of the Eaton, Colorado team of 10- and 11-year-olds had expressed concerns over their boys hitting and tackling a girl due to “moral” and “religious” reasons.

Makayla Crespin

When Greeley showed up for the scrimmage and was told that Eaton wouldn’t play, Greeley assistant coach Nate Hernandez confronted Eaton coach Shawn Mills, and fisticuffs ensued. The police showed up, and Mills ended with with a bump and scratches over one eye. That’s just how they roll in Greeley, where the assistant coaches are tough, and the girls are tougher. Read more…

Today’s Mother-Daughter Cheerleader Beatdown

The place: Florida (naturally). The school: Tarpon Springs High. Meet Karen J. Wood and her daughter, Kyersten Wood. They enjoy participating in many activities together, such as scrapbooking, biking, and administering beatings to Kyersten’s high school cheerleading coach.

Karen J. Wood

Mom, 41, and daughter, 16, were arrested after Tarpon Springs police say the pair assaulted the girl’s cheerleading coach, Sharell Ortiz, 34, at Jasmine Sports Complex. The attack was evidently retaliation for a fight between Kyersten Wood and Ortiz’s daughter at a football game. Read more…

Does Judge Soccer Mom Have To Cut A Biatch?

From the desolate, lawless land of Las Vegas comes the tale of Stefany Miley, shown below, who got into a bit of a fight with another woman recently (allegedly). It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that both combatants are soccer moms. But how about this — Miley is a judge.

Stefany Miley

Yeah, Stefany Miley is a 38 year-old district court judge in Clark County, Nevada, and was previously a family court judge. She was allegedly “involved in an altercation at a soccer field“, where she is rumored to have assaulted a soccer mom. A police report was filed alleging assault and battery.

Read more…

Parent Sues When Son Injures Self Sliding, Wins $

Here below we see another unfortunate Little League Slide Fail. It’s reminiscent of the way I did it — once injuring my butt, ripping my pants and killing a squirrel during the same slide into second. Yes, my technique was horrid, but never once in my youth baseball career did I imagine that I could get money for it.

A Staten Island parent whose son tore up his knee in a slide during a Little League game has settled a lawsuit with the league for $125,000. In the suit, the parent claimed that her son’s coach had never taught him how to slide properly. Don’t get any ideas, New York Mets.

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Sorry Kids, Game Called On Account Of…Lawsuit?

It’s stories about Little Leaguers that cause me to hearken back to my own younger days and the things that I love most about baseball. The freshly-mowed grass, the sound of the bat hitting the ball, the law firm of Moscowitz & Moscowitz filing writs with the law firm of McCready & Schwartz. And now, following our National Anthem and the reading of the injunction, let’s play ball.

(Hey kid in the back adjusting your hat, way to seize your moment of fame)

A controversial (which usually means completely stupid and unwarranted) call in a West Virginia Little League All-Star game has caused the mother of one of the 10-year-old players, who is an attorney, to file an injunction and halt the tournament. Bridget Furbee, mother of Bridgeport player Tanner Furbee (above, far left in front), sought an injunction in Kanawha County Circuit Court to stop the championship game, after an umpire disallowed a home run by her son’s team due to an interference call.

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Rogue Youth Arrested For Kicking Batting Helmet

You know it’s summer when the youth baseball coaches come out and start having opposing players arrested for nonsensical reasons. Actually Bill Marshall is a sheriff’s deputy, part-time Ballston Spa Village police officer, and coach of Galway of the Ballston Spa Junior Baseball League in New York. Marshall had Gary Hall Jr., an opposing player, arrested on Saturday for “intentionally” hitting one his his players with a pitch, and for kicking a batting helmet after the game.

Corey Hall Jr.

After Galway had beaten Ballston Spa, 2-1, last week, a Galway player punched Hall, 16, in the stomach in the post-game handshake line. According to witnesses, Hall pushed the other player away, then fell to the ground in pain. Hall then kicked a batting helmet near the dugout. If you thought that ended things, you don’t know American youth baseball. Marshall filed charges and had Hall arrested. Read more…

Yes, Baby Racing Is Here; Will Civilization Survive?

Since the dawn of man, we’ve all asked ourselves the same question: How can we make our babies go faster? Of course the Lithuanians are the first to get a real handle on this, perfecting the sport of baby racing. Don’t ask about the pit stops, you really don’t want to know.

Baby racing

You may think that you have a fast baby, but you’ll never be sure unless you race him. And you can watch it on TV, but there’s nothing like going out to the track and listening to the roar of the babies live. There goes our leader now! Now where’s the beer guy? Read more…

Royals’ ‘Outfield Experience’ Fun For Entire Family

We knew that Kauffman Stadium’s ‘Outfield Experience’ included a jaunty carousel and miniature ballpark for the kids, but no one mentioned the screaming, profane parents and bloody fisticuffs. Leave it to the Royals to go the extra mile for their fans.

You’ve got to love a major league ballpark children’s area that includes a triage tent. The fun occurred on Sunday, as several Royals’ fans engaged in an all-out brawl in the ‘Little K’ children’s area of the stadium, touched off, apparently, when one mother walked in front of another mom who was trying to take a picture of her child. Merriment then ensued. Read more…