Girl Swallowed By Sinkhole During Sandlot Game

I played my share of sandlot baseball back in the day, but one thing I’ve never seen is a player disappearing into the ground while running to first base. Unfortunately for 9-year-old Paje Wiklund of Portland, Oregon, she was the unlucky soul to step directly onto a sinkhole while legging out a single. Fellow Portland native Richie Sexson would’ve stepped on it first, but he kept striking out.

Paje Wiklund fell into a hole

In all seriousness, though, Wiklund was very lucky. She was swallowed up by the hole, and instead of embarking on an Alice-like journey of whimsy, she instead found herself stuck in a cavernous old septic system. And if not for a well-placed pipe that stopped her plunge and allowed another kid to pull her out, she could’ve fallen up to 20 feet and perhaps disappeared forever.

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