Jets Interested In Pacman, Have Severe Amnesia

When we last left Adam “Pacman” Jones, he was appearing on Pros Vs. Joes, admirably not making an ass of himself, and talking about hosting a, um, fishing show. “I make it rain on them trout!” So is this the peaceful end of the Pacman Jones Era? Is this how he fades into Bolivian?

Adam Pacman Jones footballs
(Jones, seen here moments after being ejected from a strip club for “making it hail,” or basically just winging footballs at the strippers.)

Erm, no. According to FANHOUSE,  the New York Jets have expressed interest in bringing in the cornerback/punt returner back to the NFL. And we’ve got to say, this idea is just crazy enough to… be crazy.

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Marcus Spears Imitated Pacman At B-Day Party?

It sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. Just after news broke that Pacman Jones made an unannounced — and uninvited — appearance to make it rain at Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears’s birthday party, new photos dug up by TOTAL PRO SPORTS make it pretty clear that Spears was making it rain himself.

marcus spears

(Meet the new Rain Man.)

Evidently a fellow attendee of Mr. Spears’s little soiree was the ones who alerted DanD at TOTAL PRO to Spears’s monetary weather patterns.  So how can we prove that the bills actually flew? Just check out those pics above. You don’t carry around that kind of a wad unless you’re Arabic and avoiding credit, or you have plans to throw some of it around.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Pacman Is Officially Back!

Mothers, lock up your stripper-daughters. Adam “Honestly, Stop Calling Me Pacman” Jones is back on the loose!

Pacman Jones

ESPN reports that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has told the Cowboys that Mr. Jones will be eligible to make it rain with punishing tackles during the regular season-opener against the Browns on September 7th. This gives Cleveland police a mere 10 days to prepare themselves for the onslaught of terror and violence that comes with any Pacman Adam Jones field trip.

To give the police a sense of what to expect, let’s take a trip down memory lane and examine Pacman’s Adam’s lengthy rap sheet:

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