From NYC? Hopelessly Lost? Blame The PAC-10

During a recent press conference to announce the new divisional format for future Pac-12 football play, Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott provided us with a handy map denoting the north and south division school breakout.

Pac 10 Map Geographically Inaccurate

After the divisional split was announced, Arizona State Athletic Director Lisa Love said of the geographic makeup of the north and south divisions:

If you were just looking at a map, you’d look at something that makes complete sense.

You have a group of schools that fit naturally into a southern section and schools that fit naturally into a northern section.

If you were watching the divisions from, say, New York City, you’d have an idea of what that southern division looks like, so it’s as it should be and an excellent split for the league.

So “complete sense” to Love means placing Utah, which is 240 miles north of Stanford and Cal, in the south division while the Cardinal and Bears are relegated to the north division. Colorado’s Boulder campus by Love’s logic is also a “natural fit” in the south division despite being located north of Cal and Stanford.

More like “complete nonsense.”

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Pac-10 Turns Gun On Self With Football Cutbacks

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports today that the Pac-10 has a proposal in front of the NCAA that would ban college football teams from staying in hotels the night before home games. The hotel @ home thing is regular practice among high profile programs, and has been for years.

College Women's Synchronized Swimming

(Crappy college sports aren’t a right, but a college football-fueled privilege)

If I have to explain to you why USC, Ohio State or LSU would want their players in a hotel before a home game, you might as well stop reading this post. Or, apply for a job at the Pac-10.

The Pac-10 proposal cites cost control and also claims the change would help integrate athletes more fully with the student body.

So let me get this straight: The Pac-10 is saying that USC’s football team, which generates millions in revenue and priceless P.R. for the school and conference shouldn’t be allowed to spend $50K to keep its athletes off-campus the night before a home game? The same USC football team that pays for the school’s entire money-losing athletic program?

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NCAA Football Players To Lose Hotel Privileges?

The recession’s hitting us all pretty hard. Well, as long as our name isn’t Jerry Jones, anyway. But at our institutions of indentured sports servitude higher learning, the cuts are coming hard and fast, and across the board.

Ramada Not For You

Prime example: the Pac-10, which is actually seeking to ban players from staying in hotel rooms before a game. The thought goes that the cost of putting up the players can be better allocated elsewhere, if not just saved. But then where would the players sleep before a game, you ask? Why, their own dorm rooms.

Wait, what?

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