Sponsor Confirms Erin Andrews To Diddy’s Party

Last Wednesday the MIAMI HERALD and other outlets were reporting that Erin Andrews would be attending a Super Bowl party hosted by Diddy at a Miami Beach hotel nightclub called LIV.

Erin Andrews to attend Diddy Super Bowl party in Miami

As Andrews wasn’t on the promo flyer for the party or on LIV’s website, I was a little suspicious that her name might be being used without her authorization.

Erin Andrews Diddy Super Bowl Party

Today I was contacted by two spokespersons for Axe, the company that is sponsoring the party.

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Speed Read: Oregon Sports Teams End Year Up

The conventional wisdom is that the Pac-10 was having an exceedingly down year. In fact, that’s probably the main reason that USC was left out of the National Championship discussion: their one loss against a Pac-10 school was far worse than a loss to an SEC or Big 12 team.

Oregon celebrates versus Oklahoma State

So what do we make of Oregon’s 42-31 victory over Oklahoma State in last night’s Holiday Bowl? Yes, the Ducks featured an explosive offense, which you would expect from an Oregon team and is apparently mandatory to play in the Holiday Bowl. But the story was their defense in the second half, which put the clamps on the Cowboys’ star QB Zac Robinson.

How physical were they? DR. SATURDAY has some video evidence from YouTube of just one of the many big hits Robinson took in the second half:

It was just a big day all around for Oregon sports teams. Along with the Ducks winning the Holiday Bowl, the Portland Trail Blazers did the improbable on Tuesday night, taking out the defending champion Boston Celtics 91-86 without the services of injured All-Star guard Brandon Roy.

Trail Blazers vs Celtics

Keeping in mind it might be foolish for the Celtics to start panicking now - they are still 28-5 - but they have lost three of four. Oh hell, where the fun of having a sense of perspective: between this, the Patriots missing the playoffs and the Red Sox getting rejected by Mark Teixeira, let’s start wildly speculating about the end of the Boston sports dynasty.

Other sports news that happened as you prepare to get your drank on tonight:

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Starbury Buys $45M Jet, Can’t Afford to Gas It Up

Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury has been something of a polarizing figure during his NBA career, but through it all he’s managed to be pretty good at his job when he wasn’t being accused of chronic apathy.

Stephon Marbury

And now, after accumulating more than $130 million in career earnings (not to mention the hundreds he may have squandered on manufacturing $8 shoes), he’s decided to drop a humongous chunk of change on a private jet airplane.

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