Open Letter To Al Davis & The Oakland Raiders

Dear Al Davis:

You are one of the legends of the NFL. Under your watch, the Oakland Raiders were one of the most dominant teams from the mid-1970s to early ’80s. You have done many, many things correctly as owner and general manager of the Raiders, from cultivating the most iconic fan base in all of sports, to bringing the team back to Oakland after everyone realized what a pit Los Angeles is, to not messing with the jersey and logo, sticking with a brand and look that works.

Al Davis
(Watch his new movie, “Zombie Owners From Outer Space”)

The problem is that all of your good decisions are now at least 5 years old, and after an extended period of hilariously incompetent management, the Oakland Raiders are arguably the worst franchise in the NFL.

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Georgia Frontiere, Owner of St. Louis Rams, Dies

Georgia Frontiere has traded the Gateway Arch for the gateway to the afterlife, as KMOV in St. Louis reports that the Rams owner has died.

Georgia Frontiere

The news follows earlier Friday reports from TMZ that the 80-year-owner was in “grave condition” at an L.A. hospital. KMOV states that the death may have been due to complications from breast cancer.

Frontiere, a former dancer & singer, inherited the team in 1979 after her husband Carroll Rosenbloom died under mysterious circumstances, and proceeded to kick his son Steven out of the organization, although he was tough to be taking control of the club.

In 1995, she decided to move the Rams from Anaheim to her hometown of St. Louis, who was willing to build her a new publicly-financed stadium. Though she may be missed by Missourians who got a Super Bowl trophy in 1999, L.A. fans left behind - and probably scorned Steve - say good riddance.

ESPN Reports Michael Dell May Buy Miami Dolphins

MIAMI DOLPHINS SOON TO SEND IN PLAYS FROM BOMBAY?: Hank Goldberg reported yesterday on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” that Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell is a potential buyer of the Miami Dolphins.

Dell Billboard India

We know the Dolphins are having a tough season but having the plays sent in from Bangalore might not be the best idea going forward.Goldberg also noted that Wayne Huizengacould always sell off a sizable chunk of the team and remain the controlling partner until he sells the rest.”

Right, with Huizenga’s stellar stewardship (1-13 this season, no Super Bowl wins in 17 years), we’re sure that scenario is sure to attract a (leaky) raft of buyers.

Meanwhile, the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that real estate developers Jorge Perez and Stephen Ross are frontrunner to purchase the club outright, but that Huizenga would not sell the team for “less than $1[B].

Steve Nash Fan Of Spurs Rumored To Be Involved In Club Takeover

STEVE NASH DENIES TAKEOVER OF FAVORITE TEAM - SPURS: The LONDON TIMES reports a little-known fact about Steve Nash - he’s a major Spurs fan, and he was rumored to be involved in the purchase of the team.

Steve Nash Soccer Tottenham Hotspur

No, not the South Texas NBA squad, but London’s perennially underachieving Tottenham Hotspur of England’s Premier League (soccer).

White Hart Lane

Nash: “I would love to own Spurs but I don’t have a spare £300 million in my back pocket so it’s not going to happen. I am a lifelong fan of the club and it’s obviously extremely profitable and well run.

Tottenham Arsenal Premier League Ticket

Nash, whose father is from Tottenham, has that half-right. Tottenham, despite mediocre on-pitch results, does make a mint from some of the EPL’s loyalist fans.