Blog-O-Rama: Josh Beckett Packs On The Pounds

• DEADSPIN thinks it’s safe to say that Josh Beckett hasn’t been taking steroids in the off-season:

Josh Beckett is fat

• The KANSAS CITY STAR is spooked by the thought of the ghost of wrestler Owen Hart haunting Kemper Arena.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS takes a secret glance at a new way to spy in the NFL.

• RANDBALL dribbles over news that Jerry Stackhouse’s big mouth isn’t helping the Jason Kidd trade, either.

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Bret Hart Book: Steroids, Crack, Adultery & Death

WHERE’S GEORGE MITCHELL WHEN YOU REALLY NEED HIM? The CALGARY SUN has a piece covering the new book by pro wrestler Bret Hart. Since they broke up Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, the greatest on-air comedic pairing in *sports* history, we haven’t have much use for Vince McMahon’s steroid-fueled human cartoon.

Brett Hart

But Hart’s book proves there is some entertainment value left in professional wrestling - at least outside the ring. Some highlights from the autobiography:• “One night in Oklahoma City, he picked up the wife of a state trooper. Her husband was a regular user of steroids and the pair went back to his room where she expertly injected Bret with steroids before having sex.”

• “Bret tells of one party where he entered a room to find a mound of cocaine on a table. He snorted two lines. Bret says doing that cocaine earned him the trust of other wrestlers, some of whom saw him as just a promoter’s son.

Brett Hart

• “Bret says his match against Davey Boy Smith in Wembley Stadium in England was his greatest bout. His book reveals that after a summer of taking crack, Davey was completely out of it and Bret had to whisper instructions to him the entire match.“And finally, we find out where Kobe Bryant might’ve got the idea for that million-dollar makeup ring to wife Vanessa: “Bret started an affair with a waitress in Newark, N.J., which Julie uncovered after finding telephone bills. … Days later, Bret bought a 23-room mansion — perhaps in an attempt to placate Julie, and his own guilt.

And those *highlights* don’t even include Hart’s brother Owen dying during a match in Kansas City. That’s also the only one of Hart’s stories that we can actually confirm (not that we’re complaining).