Bears Fund 4-Yr-Old’s Flight For Heart Operation

We trash pro sports because it’s fun, and they do have more money than God, but occasionally it’s nice to recognize leagues and athletes when they give back. So it’s great to be able to type this sentence: On a recent NFL goodwill trip to Nigeria, two Chicago Bears players reached into their own pockets to help save a young girl’s life.

Adewale Ogunleye

The Bears’ Adewale Ogunleye and Israel Idonije met a woman whose 4-year-old daughter was born with a hole in her heart, and needed surgery to survive. An organization called Heart Gift agreed to perform the operation on the little girl and would pay for everything - except the flight from Lagos, Nigeria, to Austin Texas, which can cost from $2,500 to $5,000 per person. The surgery was about to be canceled because the mother couldn’t raise enough money for the flight.

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Strahan Could Return To New York Giants For $8M

The first prayer hastily muttered by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin after defensive end Osi Umenyiora was carted out of the stadium with a knee injury last weekend: “Dear Lord, let Osi be alright ’cause we’re really gonna need him this season…”

Michael Strahan drinks milk

Promptly followed by: “… but just in case you see fit to hobble him indefinitely, let Brett Favre’s spirit move over Michael Strahan as we try to talk him out of retirement.”

Umenyiora’s out for the season, which means that the Giants will be without their best pass rusher. Just so happens, there’s a pretty good one still available, even though he no longer plays football and is now in the employ of Fox Sports. Semantics, apparently.

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Osi Umenyiora Injures Knee, Gets Carted Off Field

New York Giants All-Pro DE Osi Umenyiora was carted off the field last night against the Jets when it appeared he caught his left foot on the turf causing his knee to “lock up.”  During the second quarter, Osi was rushing Brett Favre on a third-down play when the injury occurred.  He fell to the ground, but actually got up right away to continue his pursuit.  When the play was whistled dead, Umenyiora collapsed and had to be carried off, unable to put any weight on his left knee.

Osi Umenyiora injury

X-Rays were immediately given to the Giants star and those initial results came back negative.  However, X-Rays would only reveal broken bones, so any ligament damage would be discovered in an MRI he is supposed to get later today.

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Brog: China Knows Who Real Star Of Oly Games Is

With all those great performances by Michael Phelps & Co., the Olympics sure have been exciting here stateside. And, thanks to a report out today by the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION, you’ll be pleased to find out that Chinese citizens are getting a very, very similar buzz off The Games!

Michael Phelps Beijing Olympics

Jennifer Brett of the AJC notes that Coca-Cola executives at the Beijing Games “have been mobbed like rock stars at Coke’s pavilion on the Olympic Green. And after a recent promotional event at the “Olympic Green” sponsor pavilion, Beijing residents “surged forward for photos and autographs” with Coca-Cola China’s Beijing Olympic Project Group GM David Brooks.

Boy, it’s great to finally gain some keen insight into what has the Chinese so genuinely excited about their Olympiad. (And of course, that reportage by Ms. Brett has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta.)

Big news in sports radio today, as Sirius XM announced that Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who recently departed WFAN-AM’s long-running “Mike and The Mad Dog” show, is heading to the Sat Radio network.

Chris Mad Dog Russo picking his nose

Russo and Sirius XM President Scott Greenstein appeared on CNBC today to trumpet Russo getting his own channel on the net, called “Mad Dog Radio.” (Russo will take a $3M annual salary to do a daily show, while also hiring talent for the channel.)

RBC Capital Markets’ David Bank said Russo’s $3M annual salary “sounds like a big number, but in the grand scheme of things, … this is actually not that expensive.” CNBC’s Bill Griffeth told Russo, “You sold cheap.

Russo sold cheap? Then he’ll be right at home with Sirius XM stockholders.

While I guess having Russo on Sat Radio is good news for Sirius XM, the bad news is that at least one major U.S. automaker is already manufacturing internet-enabled cars.

Car Laptop

(My next cross-country drive to include mustard BBQ, “Mad Dog Radio”?)

From those cars you will be able to listen to thousands of radio shows for the cost of your internet service. I’m actually already doing it in my car, with my wifi-enabled laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter. I drove cross-country two months and didn’t miss any of my favorite radio shows.

That’s the real future of four-wheeled sports *radio* receivers. (Hope Mad Dog is getting paid in advance!)

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Rick Morrissey writes today that female athletes who pose for nudie mags aren’t advancing the cause of women’s sports. Instead, they’re once proving that, “women’s bodies are commodities.

Amanda Beard PETA ad Chicago Tribune

That has the Olympic Village giving whole new meaning to “commodities exchange.

The WASHINGTON POST’s Dan Steinberg, in a recent online chat, wrote, “To me, it’s (the Olympics have) been dramatically less fun than Turin was.

Well that’s really an unfair comparison, as Turin is best known as the Atlantic City of Italy’s rust belt. Read more…

Osi Umenyiora’s Charity In Giant Heap Of…Trouble

Osi Umenyiora is a top of the line quarterback-pursuing defensive end for the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. But right now he’s the one scrambling - thanks to the news that his charity is deeply in debt thanks to mismanagement.

Osi Umenyiora Melyssa Ford

His foundation, Strike 4 A Cure, is co-managed by his brother, Jim. The two put on a recent charity bowling event that was an absolute gutterball. And now the duo could be facing punishment from the IRS.

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Cora To Jail, Gasol To L.A., Pats To Patent Office

SbB hopes everyone had a happy and healthy Groundhog Eve.

Alex Cora is heading to jail due to a DUI in 1999.

SbB Girls Alex & Cora

(SbB Girls Alex [L] & Cora [R])

Personally, we find our own Alex (&) Cora much more arresting.

Pau Gasol motors out of Memphis for La-La-Land.

Bill to have twice the fun with both Beli-Chicks attending the Super Bowl.

• The Patriots are going after the perfect trademark.

• But if the Giants somehow win on Sunday, shouldn’t the victory parade be in Jersey?

Michael Wilbon receives a special get-well message - from Jeff George.

Jeff George Michael Wilbon

Mike Piazza’s dad had to sadly sell off one of his family’s treasures - ownership in a strip club.

• It’s a relief to draw up Osi Umenyiora in Etch-A-Sketch form.

Tom Brady’s personal barber says he did him on Tuesday.

• ESPN anchor is sorry for saying “wife-beater” on-air. Chris Berman is enraged.

This Goes Under Our “Nonsensical Crap” Category

BUSTED COVERAGE emails to let us know that they commissioned this piece of Super Bowl-themed art from THE ETCH-A-SKETCHIST:

Osi Umenyiora etch a sketch

What the fruck does it have to do with the Bowl? Ask Osi Umenyiora.

Blog-O-Rama: Stacy Keibler & The Ickey Shuffle

• DC SPORTS BOG gets the opportunity of a lifetime - by teaching former WWE diva Stacy Kiebler the Ickey Shuffle.

Ickey Woods Stacy Keibler

• TRUE HOOP gives their condolences to these NBA All-Star snubs.

• AOL FANHOUSE reveals that Washington Redskins great Darrell Green is not necessarily a lock for the Hall of Fame.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE steps into the video vault, and comes back with the ’80s Lakers rapping against drugs.

'80s Lakers rapping against drugs

• Last week, Osi Umenyiora called Matt Light a dirty player. Now NEWSDAY’S INSIDE THE GIANTS finds the New York lineman wanting to make amends with the Patriot.

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Obvious: Network TV Viewers Take Eli Over Brady

Today, ABC’s Good Morning America had an online poll asking female viewers “Would you rather date (Eli) Manning or (Tom) Brady?” The results (we’re sure the descriptions of each guy had nothing to do with the outcome):

Good Morning America Poll

64% of the women said they would rather date Manning. ABC’s Diane Sawyer on the results: “What does this mean?”

It means you don’t have a single female viewer under the age of 30. And they all think Jim Belushi is hot.

In another poll, males were asked by GMA who they would rather “hang out” with. Read more…

If Anyone Knows How To Get Dirty, It’s Umenyiora

Osi Umenyiora knows dirty when he sees it.

Osi Umenyiora With Strippers

No, we’re not talking about the photo. Or his previously detailed (alleged) sexual exploits.

Umenyiora, much like Chargers center Nick Hardwick last Sunday, said the Patriots play dirty. In the case of Umenyiora, he was referring to Pats left tackle Matt Light. Read more…