Free At Last: A-Rod’s Divorce Deal Finally Settled

• Attention, ladies! (And Derek Jeter & Madonna!) The legal wrangling has been put to rest, and A-Rod is now a free man!

Alex Rodriguez waving Cynthia

(“Toodle-oo, Toots!”)

• The NBA fines Michael Beasley $50,000 for his role in the Mario Chalmers -Darrell Arthur marijuana mess. Boy, he must feel like some a dope.

• A large 800-pound animal was seen roaming the streets of New York City, and that’s no bull. (Well, actually it is.)

• We flush out video of George Brett sharing some bowel problem stories with spring trainees.

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Boxer Oscar Diaz Wakes Up After 2-Month Coma

Welterweight boxer Oscar Diaz slipped into a coma on July 16th after suffering a devastating brain injury during a bout with Delvin Rodriguez that was televised live on ESPN2. Just over two months later, Diaz is reportedly awake and breathing on his own. And probably looking forward to Brett Favre’s big season with the Packers.


In his fight with Rodriguez, Diaz attempted to stagger out of his corner for the 11th round but couldn’t muster up the strength. He collapsed shortly thereafter. Doctors expected Diaz to eventually emerge from his slumber, but it’s still unclear if he will regain all functions.

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Boozing it up w/Bud Benefits the Rainbow Warriors

• Drinking beer helps support Hawaii athletics. Booze it up for the ‘Bows!

Hawaii Warriors mascot Pipeline Porter beer

T.O. would happily welcome Jessica Simpson back to Cowboys games.

James Posey’s hustle to the Hornets made for an uncomfortable Celtics DVD screening. But at least he kept his pants on.

Quinton Jackson goes on two Rampages in just one week.

• Is the broadcasting world ready for a 24-hour Cubs channel?

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Boxer Undergoes Brain Surgery After ESPN Fight

Oscar Diaz was taken to the hospital Wednesday night, after the boxer collapsed right before the 11th round of his bout against Delvin Rodriguez. Unfortunately, promoters say the welterweight had to be rushed into emergency surgery to try to relieve swelling on his brain.

Oscar Diaz

ESPN learns from promoter Ron Katz that Diaz has “got swelling and bleeding on the brain, he’s unconscious and on a ventilator.” Read more…